Driver Stats Thru 9 Races

Here’s some relevant stats for Nascar drivers thru the first 9 races. Most of the stats are self explanatory, but I’ll go thru them for anyone interested.

AvgFinish – Average finish, which is directly relevant to all DFS scoring. Provides an overall idea of what to expect for DFS finishing points.

AvgPosGain – Average positions gained, which is affected depending on starting position, but gives an overall snapshot of what this particular driver gains, or loses, on average. Used on all DFS sites.

FastestLaps – Fastest laps, which is used in DraftKings scoring.

LapsLed – Laps led, which is used on all DFS sites.

TotalLaps – Total laps completed, which is used for FanDuel scoring.

Rating – Driver rating, which is a composite score based on many factors including those above, but also laps run in the top 15, laps completed on the lead lap, passes made, etc.