Draftkings Wednesday 4/19 | DFS MLB Cash Plays

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11 games on tap for Wednesday 4/19.  I’ll cover the top cash game plays for Draftkings DFS MLB and highlight a few other options you may want to consider at each position for your lineups tonight.

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Draftkings MLB Wednesday 4/19


Buster Posey – San Francisco Giants ($4000)

Buster Posey made his return from the 7 day concussion (DL) yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier as we finally have a solid option to use at catcher again.  Posey will be facing a lefty tonight, and he averages a .390 wOBA to go with a .194 isolate power rate against LHP dating back to last season.  Posey’s 38% hard hit rate against lefties is also elite, and his opponent Jason Vargas allows a 31% hard hit rate in combination with a 36% flyball rate.  Buster should have a solid shot at a homerun, and hitting in the middle of the Giants order affords him more RBI opportunities than his fellow catchers around the major leagues who tend to hit in the 7th spot or lower.

Other Options (Wednesday 4/19): Welington Castillo, Brian McCann, Jonathan Lucroy

First Base

Freddie Freeman – Atlanta Braves ($4600)

Its gotten to the point where Freddie becomes a must in my cash game lineups on Draftkings when he faces a right handed pitcher.  Freeman sports a .419 wOBA and .303 ISO, 29.4% LD rate and 44% hard hit rate against RHPs.  If you’re not sure what those stats mean, it means he hits the ball with authority nearly half the time, and reaches base nearly 50% of the time when facing a righty.  Joe Ross of the Nationals doesn’t exactly shut LHB down as he allows a .354 woBA, 35.9% HH rate and 36.4% FB rate to left handed bats while striking out just 17%.  Freddie should be putting the ball in play with authority again tonight making him the safest option for first base in cash on Draftkings DFS MLB.

Other Options (Wednesday 4/19) – Hanley Ramirez, Joey Votto, Eric Thames, Brandon Belt, Edwin Encarnacion

Second Base

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