DraftKings NFL: Michael Husson’s Week Twelve Cash Review

Andrew Luck throwing a pass for the Indianapolis Colts

As primarily a cash game player, I wanted to start this series so we can go over my NFL cash lineup from the weekend before. This could show my process to everyone reading over the course of the week and might be able to help me and everyone else get better on a week-to-week basis. We could potentially pick out what we did right, what we did wrong, and be better for it. After an amazing week eleven and a solid Thanksgiving cash line, we had a bittersweet week 12 cash line. I ended up on the positive side of my head-to-head percentage, but sadly missed cashing in my double ups by only five points. Still it was a nice score and basically over 150 is what you want in cash. The fatal blow ended up choosing James Conner over Christian McCaffrey, a decision that I made on Sunday morning that ended up killing us.

Cash Locks

  • Most of the week I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do in cash. I knew I wanted a few players but wasn’t really put onto a couple until late in the week. It was the holiday week so I didn’t spend as much time on my process as I usually do and mainly focused on the Thanksgiving slate. Also, it being only a 10 game slate, made it tougher to find some plays I felt comfortable with.
  • At first glance the one guy I fell in love with was James Conner. I predicted he’d have a bounce back game in a get right spot against a funnel defense, the Denver Broncos. He had his usual usage in the first half but lost a fumble and was benched for most of the second half which resulted in me and the Steelers losing the week. He busted for only 12.5 DK points which ended up killing us.
  • My second lock of the week was Keenan Allen. I wrote about how Patrick Peterson wasn’t a threat to follow him around the field and he had a solid outing, posting 20.2 DK points. Simply put he was way too cheap and should be in the 8k range with how much volume he sees.
  • At QB I knew I wanted Andrew Luck. It was really easy to get to him this week and he has just been so consistent basically since week four. Him and Mayfield were the two I was most interested in and they both did real well scoring over 28 DK points. DraftKings have been super soft this year when it comes to pricing quarterbacks so you can essentially get whoever you want.
  • My last lock was another receiver in DJ Moore. Moore exploded in week eleven and while I didn’t think he’d hit his ceiling, his price only rose $300. What made him more of a lock for me was when Devin Funchess was ruled out on Saturday so that made him a no brainer play. We predicted he’d see more volume with Funchess out and he had just that catching eight receptions on nine targets. Moore is someone who is starting to feel real comfortable and we should feel real comfortable rostering him going forward.

Close Calls

  • Starting off with my big mistake, fading Christian McCaffrey was a dumb dumb move on my part. Most of the week my build was actually four receivers with McCaffrey and Conner and Sunday morning that changed when I felt that i needed Edwards and Adams because of their cheap prices and potential solid volume. CMC went off scoring 52 DK points and would have torpedoed us into the 200 range for total points for if we kept him in. Not a great look.
  • Back to Adams and Edwards though, they were fine plays for their price tags. Adams was someone I got talked into Sunday morning as it had been said that he would be the Eagles feature back. At $3800 he was a no brainer to play with the role that he would garner. Edwards was the one I wasn’t sure of and for good reason. Yes, he hit value at 14.8 DK points, but I was right to question the play. He isn’t involved at all in the passing game and he can easily get vultured (which happened) by Lamar Jackson near the end-zone.
  • Dipping down at RB led me to pay up at receiver for Odell Beckham and it was honestly something I didn’t want at all. I paid up for him because he seemed like the best way to allocate my remaining money. I liked his spot but as I’ve mentioned I don’t like who throws to him so that was a steep price to pay for volatility. Sunday morning I played around with going down from him and up from Edwards to like Nick Chubb but I couldn’t find a receiver I liked enough in the 5k range.

In Review

Looking back staying the course of the four receivers with Conner and CMC was probably the best course of action but in that lineup I had the Bills defense and not the Ravens who did real well. I don’t know if that would have helped any as both Adams and Edwards had solid weeks, but fading CMC was a bad move. I talked a few weeks ago about not forgetting plays that you love and this was certainly a case of that. We still did fine in head-to-heads, I’ll always take over 50%, but at that score we should have done much better.

Results (10-2 record)

Week 12: 153.42 points, won 64 percent of head-to-heads Week 11: 161.92 points, won 96 percent of head-to-heads Week 10: 140.22 points, won 78 percent of head-to-heads Week 9: 149.28 points, won 76 percent of head-to-heads Week 8148.9 points, won 83 percent of head-to-heads Week 7: 122.2 points, won 64 percent of head-to-heads Week 6144.5 points, won 48 percent of head-to-heads Week 5121.52 points, won 22 percent of head-to-heads Week 4: 213.18 points, won 79 percent of head-to-heads Fantasy Football

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