DraftKings NFL: Michael Husson’s Week Ten Cash Review

As primarily a cash game player, I wanted to start this series so we can go over my NFL cash lineup from the weekend before. This could show my process to everyone reading over the course of the week and might be able to help me and everyone else get better on a week-to-week basis. We could potentially pick out what we did right, what we did wrong, and be better for it. Week ten was certainly a weird week, but luckily for us we continued our winning ways. We have now cashed in four straight weeks and are now 8-2 on the season. It seemed pretty straightforward at the beginning of the week but my lineup didn’t really turn into what it was until Sunday morning. We came off some plays I liked at the beginning of the week (David Johnson, Corey Davis) that could have hurt us, but used plays that helped us (Marcus Mariota, Austin Hooper) that vaulted us into cash.

Cash Locks

  • We took the team “jam them in” approach in week ten and for awhile I thought I’d be dead in the water. I had Gurley and Gordon as locks all week. I knew with the values that opened up I could afford both and loved both enough where I couldn’t come off either. My problem was the third running back I would use. I had a tough time deciding between Dion Lewis or Duke Johnson as my third back but ultimately was able to play Kareem Hunt, more on that later.
  • My only receiver lock of the week was Marquez Valdes-Scantling. I knew I’d want to live in the 6-3k range of receiver this week in order to get Gurley and Gordon. I loved MVS for his upside and the fact that Geronimo Allison had been placed on IR. Randall Cobb also was out which made me love him even more but unfortunately he dudded only scoring 10.4 DK points. It didn’t kill us but I was looking for more in the 15-20 DK point range.
  • Don’t generally talk about defense but the Rams defense at $2,400 seemed like a no brainer to me against the Seahawks at home. They didn’t do great but defense is such a crapshoot that you take the sacks and turnover upside.

Close Calls

  • As I mentioned this was a week where my lineup really came together Sunday morning so there were actually a lot of close calls. Before we dive into the players I actually used, I want to touch on David Johnson and Corey Davis. Both players I loved at the beginning of the week but kind of came off them in the middle-end of the week. This is a fault in our process. We fall in love with certain guys for certain reasons so just play the players you feel will do well.
  • DJ looked like the DJ of old scoring 37.3 DK points, enough to make him the third highest scoring back of the slate. I knew he was in a great spot playing against a pace up team like the Chiefs. I came off Davis because Stephon Gilmore and that was a dumb mistake to make. As a Pats fan I know how good Gilmore has been at shutting down the opposing teams number one wideout and he’s also ranked 6th on pro football focus graded corner backs. The Patriots just looked sloppy all around and Davis went off for 28.9 DK points, 6x his salary.
  • Okay now to the plays we did make. The first was pivoting up from Dion Lewis to Kareem Hunt and down from Josh Gordon to Chris Conley and David Njoku to Austin Hooper. This was our 3v3 for the day and in essence it worked out in our favor. All three guys I pivoted away from had pretty mediocre days. Hunt and Conley also had mediocre days but it didn’t kill us. I thought after the early games I was dead in the water but luckily Gurley and Gordon saved my day.
  • The big one though was pivoting to Austin Hooper who scored 21.6 DK points, almost 6x his salary. Tight end is always so volatile that it’s hard to gauge the lower priced guys. I have to give credit to FTA’s own Jamie Calandro for putting me onto Hooper as I initially had CJ Uzomah in there.
  • Finally at QB I was between Baker Mayfield and Marcus Mariota all week. It really came down to who I could get at my third RB spot and if I needed the Mariota savings. Using Hunt proved that I did so I picked him over Baker. Both did real well with Mayfield only scoring .42 points more than Mariota. The process was correct being on both these guys.

In Review

The week turned into a profitable one but it definitely could have gone the other way. As I mentioned, I thought I was dead in the water because I faded Corey Davis someone I was on all week. It took Gurley and Gordon combining for 55.5 points for me to really vault into cash and swung almost all my h2h’s. The lesson to be learned here is to not forget who you liked earlier in the week if you have a good feeling about them.

Results (8-2 record)

Week 10: 140.22 points, won 78 percent of head-to-heads Week 9: 149.28 points, won 76 percent of head-to-heads Week 8148.9 points, won 83 percent of head-to-heads Week 7: 122.2 points, won 64 percent of head-to-heads Week 6144.5 points, won 48 percent of head-to-heads Week 5121.52 points, won 22 percent of head-to-heads Week 4: 213.18 points, won 79 percent of head-to-heads Fantasy Football

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