DraftKings NFL: Michael Husson’s Week Seventeen Cash Review

As primarily a cash game player, I wanted to start this series so we can go over my NFL cash lineup from the weekend before. This could show my process to everyone reading over the course of the week and might be able to help me and everyone else get better on a week-to-week basis. We could potentially pick out what we did right, what we did wrong, and be better for it.

QB Patrick Mahomes 18.34
RB Saquon Barkley 27.2
RB Dwayne Washinton 13.8
WR Juju Smith Schuster 14.7
WR Chris Godwin 32.4
WR Kendrick Bourne 16.9
TE Travis Kelce 11.2 
Flex CJ Anderson 27.4
DST Minnesota Vikings 0
Total Points 161.94

First and foremost, I hope everyone had a very fun and safe New Years Eve. The 2018 NFL regular season has come to a close and honestly I’m sad to see it go. Personally, I profited in 15 of 17 weeks, my best year in NFL DFS by far. Some weeks were small profit, some weeks were big, but I came out of the season nearly 10x my initial deposit. I hope all of you have been taking the advice we give you at FTA as our community is seemingly growing each and every day. I have been apart of this great community for three years now and it has been my honor to start writing for the site. I will have some content throughout the NFL postseason in regards to cash plays as well for those interested. Without further-a-do, here’s my final cash lineup review of 2018.

Cash Locks

  • Throughout the season our main plan of action was to spend down at both quarterback and tight end. This week with the extreme values and the fact that the Chiefs needed to win their game, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce was a no-brainer stack. Both were fantastic all season but both had down weeks in week 17. This was only the second time all season Mahomes failed to reach 20 DK points. Meanwhile Kelce busted for the third week in a row. 
  • My initial core the whole week was the Chiefs stack with Saquon Barkley as my RB1 and Juju Smith Schuster as my WR1. Saquon polished off a fantastic rookie season with another 100 yard game on 21 touches. He was a staple in our lineups for most of the year and will 100 percent be a staple we look to go back to next season.
  • Meanwhile, I figured Juju would be a great play because of Antonio Brown being out but he struggled only catching five passes on ten targets for only 37 yards. The thing that saved us was his late touchdown but he didn’t do nearly as well as we needed him to. The Steelers just seem like they’re in shambles, missing the playoffs, Antonio Brown controversy and no real successor to Big Ben. It will be interesting to see what happens with them this off-season.
  • Our last lock of the week came with CJ Anderson when Todd Gurley was ruled out late last week. Anderson smashed value in week 16 for 26.2 DK points and followed it up for 27.4 DK points in week 17. The resurgence of Anderson seems like only a good thing for the Rams moving into the playoffs as it gives Sean McVay another weapon to play with. 

Close Calls

  • Chris Godwin and Kendrick Bourne rounded out our three receivers and both smashed value with Godwin hitting 7.5x his salary and Bourne hitting 4.5x his salary. Godwin has just been a plug and play for me when DeSean Jackson has been out of the lineup. His big play ability on a team that throws the ball 85% is a great move especially at that salary. If the Bucs decide to move on from DJax this offseason, Godwin will definitely be someone to look at in season long drafts next year. 
  • The 49ers have just been decimated by injury this season, specifically their receiving corps so I was sharply put onto Bourne early in the week by one of my friends and he seemed really good for the salary. After Godwin at 4.3k there wasn’t many other options I liked so Bourne seemed like the best way to get the higher tier plays. 
  • Dwayne Washington was our final running back play as he was minimum salary and a play we went with in chat on Sunday morning after it was announced that the Saints would sit most of their players. He started the game off slow but ended up rushing for over 100 yards. I initially had Royce Freeman in my lineup who scored four more points than Washington but it didn’t end up mattering in the end. 

In Review

It will be interesting to see how DraftKings changes up the pricing next year. They seemed to price guys down way too much against bad match-up’s but didn’t really touch guys in good match-up’s. The quarterback pricing was super tight and they may decide to do that with the other positions as well to make decisions harder.

Results (15-2 record)

Week 17: 161.94 points, won 88 percent of head-to-heads

Week 16: 178.14 points, won 86 percent of head-to-heads

Week 15: 131.26 points, won 78 percent of head-to-heads

Week 14: 151.76 points, won 74 percent of head-to-heads

Week 13: 155.26 points, won 68 percent of head-to-heads

Week 12: 153.42 points, won 64 percent of head-to-heads

Week 11: 161.92 points, won 96 percent of head-to-heads

Week 10: 140.22 points, won 78 percent of head-to-heads

Week 9: 149.28 points, won 76 percent of head-to-heads

Week 8148.9 points, won 83 percent of head-to-heads

Week 7: 122.2 points, won 64 percent of head-to-heads

Week 6144.5 points, won 48 percent of head-to-heads

Week 5121.52 points, won 22 percent of head-to-heads

Week 4: 213.18 points, won 79 percent of head-to-heads

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