DraftKings NFL: Michael Husson’s Week Five Cash Line Review

As primarily a cash game player, I wanted to start this series so we can go over my NFL cash lineup from the weekend before. This could show my process to everyone reading over the course of the week and might be able to help me and everyone else get better on a week-to-week basis. We could potentially pick out what we did right, what we did wrong, and be better for it. For the first time in five weeks we had a losing week and man was it a bad one. As I said in my cash plays article, this week was definitely tougher and although I felt good about the process, the results just weren’t there. Unfortunately we had four plays that scored under ten points and that usually spells a losing week.

Cash Locks

  • During the week I knew I wanted three of the top five priced running backs in my line, those being Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley and James Conner. I knew I’d go with at least have Gordon and McCaffrey for sure and they both did well combining for 42.3 DK points even though both came up just shy of their 3x needed value. If CMC can manage to hit his receiving floor and get into the endzone we will see absurd days from him. Crazy for someone that averages 22.5 DK points per game, we haven’t really seen his ceiling yet.
  • Marvin Jones Jr. was also one of my earliest locks of the week as he seemed just way too cheap at $4,700 going against a lackluster Packers secondary. I also saw his career splits against Green Bay and that made me love him even more. In his last four against the Packers, MJJ went 6-205-2, 5-76-0, 7-107-2, 4-81-1. He busted for only one catch that turned out to be a touchdown for 7.8 DK points. He was only targeted four times in a game where Detroit never gave up the lead. He also dropped what would have been a 46 yard TD also in the second half.
  • My third lock of the week was Taywan Taylor who I loved all week. In theory Taylor was in a great spot going against Buffalo’s second corner with Tre’Davious White shadowing Corey Davis. His upside to stretch the field was great for only $4,000 but he only managed three catches and 30 yards on only five targets for the day.
  • On a week where tight end was the ultimate wasteland, Vance McDonald was a necessary evil. I felt that he was a lock due to the extremely high team total for the Steelers/Falcons game and man did he dud. He only managed one catch on two targets for six yards. Before this week, he was averaging five targets a game so his $3,700 salary seemed like a nice cheap way to get a little upside in a high totaled game. Again, this isn’t the process’ fault, this was just a player not performing to the expectations set.

Close Calls

  • As I mentioned above I wanted three of the top five backs and I ended up pivoting from Todd Gurley, who I had Sunday morning, to James Conner. I didn’t manage to win many of my H2H but the ones I did was thanks to Conner’s 37.5 DK points, 17 of which he had in the first quarter. We continue to attack Atlanta with opposing running backs and he was the lone bright spot of my day.
  • Now here’s where it gets fun. To start off we decided to pivot to Matthew Stafford instead of Blake Bortles due to weather concerns. Stafford didn’t dud but I knew it would be a long day when he had two 20+ yard throws to get near the end zone result in two LeGarrette Blount 1 yard touchdowns to start that game off. Meanwhile, Bortles hit 28.6 DK points 13.4 more than Stafford and was the second highest scoring QB of the day.
  • Pivoting up from Marquez Valdes-Scantling to Doug Baldwin also killed us as Baldwin put up a super solid 1.1 DK points while MSV scored 19.8 on a $3,300 salary. I knew the spot would be great for MSV with no Cobb and Allison in the game but I was just so unsure of his upside. Well apparently his upside is a seven catches on 10 targets for 68 yards and a touchdown. This was essentially what killed my day.
  • More on Baldwin, wow just wow. I guess this goes to show just how good the Rams secondary is but looking at it he was only targeted once. He seemed like a no brainer for how much the mediocre Seahawks would need to throw and what his price was.

In Review

Well it was a bad week not much more to say. We are 4-1 on the year and will chalk this one up to players not really playing to their floors. Could I have kept MSV in and maybe won more head to heads? It’s tough to say since that dropped us down from Gurley to Conner who both did well. Our 3v3 on Sunday was Gurley/MSV/Ravens D or Conner/Baldwin/Browns. The first combined for 64 DK points whereas the second combined for 47.6, a 16.4 swing. In contests that you need to score 150 to cash, it still doesn’t really matter. We will look back to our winning ways in week six.


Week 5: 121.52 points, won 22 percent of head-to-heads Week 4: 213.18 points, won 79 percent of head-to-heads Fantasy Football

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