DraftKings NFL: Michael Husson’s Week Eleven Cash Review

As primarily a cash game player, I wanted to start this series so we can go over my NFL cash lineup from the weekend before. This could show my process to everyone reading over the course of the week and might be able to help me and everyone else get better on a week-to-week basis. We could potentially pick out what we did right, what we did wrong, and be better for it. I honestly couldn’t wait to do this review because of how proud I was with this line and it didn’t even hit its full potential. I typically write this on Monday afternoon’s but am currently writing Sunday night right after the games were over. I made this lineup on Wednesday and I felt super comfortable with it that I didn’t make any changes except one right before lock. Was it a perfect lineup? Of course not. Can we learn things from the plays that didn’t hit? Of course we can. But mostly this is is what I look for in terms of results when playing cash. The results led to comfortably cashing in all my double ups and winning my best percentage of head-to-head’s on the season with 96%. NINETY-SIX. Alright Mike enough gloating, let’s get to the review.

Cash Locks

  • Whenever there’s a way to comfortably lock in two top backs I call it a “straight-forward week” in cash and this week we were able to lock in three. I knew last Sunday at first glance that I needed both Saquon Barkley and Ezekiel Elliott in my lineup and really wanted David Johnson as my late hammer. Barkley and Elliott were facing the 29th and 32nd defenses against the run and we have been picking on both teams all year. The tandem combined for an absurd 74.4 DK points and won a lot of people a lot of money. It was honestly a no brainer to play both together with the value that was there this week.
  • Getting DJ in my flex was the third thing I locked in after realized I could get there with some of the values. He’s been so much better with Byron Leftwich taking over as offensive coordinator in Arizona and Oakland has been terrible all around. DJ barely missed hitting value scoring 19.4 DK points with 11 of those points coming in the second half. He also had a very long touchdown taken back because of a Ricky Seals-Jones holding penalty, more on him later, that would have made our day even better if that stuck.
  • Early in the week Amari Cooper was the first receiver I put in my lineup and after Marvin Jones was ruled out, I also locked in Kenny Golladay. Receiver was pretty tough this week for the sheer fact that there was just nothing below $5,000 that looked good. The last few weeks we lived in that 5k-4k range but there seriously wasn’t anything usable there. Cooper was targeted the least amount of times (5) since he’s joined Dallas and just had a mediocre game. It was pretty predictable as Amari is known to dud in smash spots when everyone is on him. He was targeted only once in the end-zone and looked pretty forgettable. Meanwhile, Golladay just went nuts and carried my receiving core. He started off slow but picked it up in the second half where he scored 21 of his 28 DK points.

Close Calls

  • Starting off at quarterback, I was in love with the idea all week of playing Lamar Jackson. I got scared off on Wednesday when reports came out that he was sick and then after that, reports were that he would see “some” snaps. This, in my mind, meant that the Ravens could play both him and RG3 was a real possibility and boy was I wrong. Jackson scored 19.7 DK points but more importantly, had 27 carries which is absolutely insane. I projected him for 10-12 carries but 27 is a crazy number basically giving you RB1 upside at the QB position.
  • Coming off Jackson lead me to playing Watson who I thought was too cheap. I think the process was sound he just had a bad game. I mentioned in my article the wide span of points from floor to ceiling we’ve seen from him the last four weeks was risky but I thought his upside for that price was too nice to pass up. Looking back playing Andrew Luck at just $200 more was the play as he has just been so consistent and he was also too cheap.
  • At my third receiver I knew I’d have to bite the bullet and play one of the cheap Raiders if I wanted to pay up for multiple running backs. I didn’t feel great about it and it was the one change I made Sunday morning. I originally had LaFell but swapped to Roberts who I thought had more upside. LaFell ended up having the better game but it was a minimal difference as he only scored 3.1 more points than Roberts.
  • As I talk about every week tight end is such a wasteland that at this point it’s better of to punt and get the other guys you want than worrying about it. All week I was deciding between Ricky Seals-Jones and James O’Shaughnessy and both were terrible, which was predictable. I chose RSJ because he was in the better matchup, was getting more targets and he runs more routes. Just looking back on the position as a whole, two tight ends scored 15 DK points or more and only five scored 10 DK points or more which leaves 35 tight ends scoring 10 or less DK points. It’s honestly a crap-shoot.

In Review

So in review like I mentioned in the beginning I was very proud of this lineup. The studs hit, the mid-tier guys helped out and the punts, well punted, but that was intended. Another note, last week I talked about not worrying about paying for defense and that it’s super variant. The Saints were the second cheapest defense and I just plugged them in for price. I knew Philly would have to throw a lot with no run game and the potential for turnovers. It’s those things you need to think about, not how many points the opposing team may score, it reiterates the fact that you can’t prioritize defenses as it’s they’re too variant. This week we have a big week of NFL DFS as we will try to tackle one of my favorite slates, the Thanksgiving slate. I will have a special cash article out tomorrow for that and my main slate article will be out a day later this week with that coming on Friday.

Results (9-2 record)

Week 11: 161.92 points, won 96 percent of head-to-heads Week 10: 140.22 points, won 78 percent of head-to-heads Week 9: 149.28 points, won 76 percent of head-to-heads Week 8148.9 points, won 83 percent of head-to-heads Week 7: 122.2 points, won 64 percent of head-to-heads Week 6144.5 points, won 48 percent of head-to-heads Week 5121.52 points, won 22 percent of head-to-heads Week 4: 213.18 points, won 79 percent of head-to-heads Fantasy Football

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