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How to play Draftkings NBA

Interested in playing Draftkings NBA but don’t want to get eaten alive by the sharks? This guide will give you an idea on how to play and compete with the big boys, while not going bankrupt in the process. Be sure to check out today’s free daily NBA picks while you’re here.

Step 1: Understanding Value

  • Each player on Draftkings is assigned a value between $3000 and $14000.  Understanding how much you should be paying is KEY to this game.
  • You generally want to target 6x return for each dollar spent.  It is more likely that your players will hit 5x, but you’re hoping for 6x.
  • What does 6x mean? If a player costs you $3000, you are looking for 3×6 = 18 fantasy points.  A $10,000 player you should target 60 fantasy points to feel comfortable.

Step 2: Dissecting Value

  • Not all value is created equal! A $10,000 player returning 6x is far more valuable than a $3000 player.  While the cheap guys going off is nice, you need to identify those studs who are in a good position to succeed each night.
  • Most nights, your studs will hit around 4.5x to 5x value and you can still cash easily.
  • How do you determine which guys will hit 6x? That is where roster construction comes in.

Step 3: Roster Construction | Draftkings NBA

  • When you sit down each day, take a look at the players available, and decide where the best values are. Our FTA+ Daily NBA cheatsheet can assist, as we automatically generate and update in real time as injury news is realeased.
  • Typically you will want to analyze 4 things:
    • Pace – How fast will the game be played?
    • Over / Under – How many points are expected to be scored?
    • Usage – How involved is that player in the offense?
    • Defense vs Position (DVP) – How good is the other team at defending the position?

In conclusion, Draftkings gives you a salary cap of $50,000 to spend each day. You will want to target 6x on that, and a score of 300 fantasy points will land you in the cash more often than not.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below! Don’t forget, if you are an FTA+ subscriber you get live updates in our chat room!