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How To Guide for Draftkings MLB

Learn to play Draftkings MLB

Playing Draftkings MLB DFS contests is not as hard as you think. The guide I’m going to supply you with will help you compete with other MLB DFS addicts. Don’t forget to check out today’s free daily MLB while you visit the site.

Step 1: Stats

  • You want an understanding to what all the stats mean in baseball. Knowing what ISO, wOBA, xFIP, and the plethora of other stats allows you to grasp what’s going on.
  • Have an open mind when it comes to understanding the Sabermetric stats that control baseball now.
  • Put the stats you learned to work for you when building your MLB DFS lineups on Draftkings.

Step 2: Location

  • Some stadiums are hitter’s parks and some stadiums favor pitchers; learn their favoritisms.
  • Location is not just for teams in general; players perform better in certain locations. A lot of pitchers like pitching on their home mound because they are comfortable and know where they need to stand. Hitters are in the same boat since they know the measurements and where they can turn singles into doubles or doubles into triples.
  • Always check pitchers home/away stats and always check teams home/away stats; getting a good pitcher at home against a poor road hitting team takes you a long way.

Step 3: Building a Draftkings MLB Roster

  • You understand the stats and how important location is, you can start constructing your lineups while utilizing our Daily MLB spreadsheet.
  • Draftkings adjusts their pricing daily based on matchups, but tend to overlook some of the key Sabermetric stats that can help your lineup.
  • Check the Vegas odds on how many runs each team’s projected to score that day.
  • Try avoiding hitters who hit in the 7-9 spots due to being pinched hit for late in the game and leaving you with less at-bats than top of the order hitters.

Playing Draftkings MLB is not hard. You get $50,000 to spend on two pitchers, three outfielders, and one player at each other position. Some days you will see that targeting two upper-tier pitchers are smart and other days you can find a value pitcher to pair with an upper-tier pitcher to allow you safer hitters. You can always ask questions on any of the articles or become an FTA+ subscriber and get access to our chat room for updates and questions answered by our analysts.