Defense Special Teams Matchups Week 11 | 2017 Fantasy Football

Bengals defense on the field

The season continues to fly by at a blistering pace as we get set for week 11 of the 2017 fantasy football season.  This defense / special teams article can help you decide which DST’s to play based on a strong matchup, and which to avoid based on a poor matchup.  Remember these are NOT rankings! They simply highlight the strength of each matchup to help you in your decision making process.

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Week 11 DST Matchups

Team % Allowed vs Average DST Affected
DEN 97.93% Cincinnati Bengals
CLE 59.64% Jacksonville Jaguars
CHI 33.60% Detroit Lions
ARI 31.63% Houston Texans
SF 25.85% BYE WEEK
WSH 24.06% New Orleans Saints
MIA 22.20% Tampa Bay Buccaneers
TEN 22.20% Pittsburgh Steelers
HOU 19.45% Arizona Cardinals
CIN 16.38% Denver Broncos
DET 10.78% Chicago Bears
TB -0.50% Miami Dolphins
NYG -3.52% Kansas City Chiefs
GB -4.07% Baltimore Ravens
SEA -6.34% Atlanta Falcons
BAL -7.49% Green Bay Packers
PHI -7.92% Dallas Cowboys
OAK -9.34% New England Patriots
LAC -13.82% Buffalo Bills
DAL -14.69% Philadelphia Eagles
BUF -15.68% Los Angeles Chargers
ATL -16.65% Seattle Seahawks
JAX -26.60% Cleveland Browns
PIT -31.86% Tennessee Titans
NO -44.90% Washington Redskins
MIN -51.94% Los Angeles Rams
KC -55.17% New York Giants
NE -58.00% Oakland Raiders
LAR -70.77% Minnesota Vikings

DST Matchups to target Week 11: It kills me to say it, but the Denver Broncos are a trainwreck this season.  Even in a game where the offense looked adequate against the Patriots the Broncos managed to give up 13 fantasy points to the New England DST thanks to special teams errors (dropped punt and allowing a kickoff return for a TD).  The Cincinnati Bengals draw the top overall matchup this week against the Broncos lackluster offense and is  a good bet to exceed value.

DST Matchups to avoid Week 11: If you’re a Minnesota Vikings owner it may be time to find a DST off the waiver wire.  The Los Angeles Rams are looking like the greatest show on turf this season and are putting up points in bunches.

If you have any other defense / special teams related questions, you can find me in live chat.  Good luck with your week 11 matchups!

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  1. Are you adjusting these for injuries, i.e. looking at the last few games for particular teams? I suspect GB points against average are worse for the last few games vs. full season.
    Ravens at GB is a must start IMO, given Hundley as starting QB, and seems to be hobbled with a hammy.

    1. They are not adjusted for injury, only based on season long fantasy points allowed so you are correct that you have to take recent injuries into account. BAL is a terrific play this week

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