Dallas Cowboys | Top Option for Week 4 Defense and Special Teams Wavier Wire

Dallas Cowboys are the top pick this week. How big of a let down was the Miami defense in Week 3. Cleveland was playing with a rookie 3rd string quarterback, and even ran Terrell Pryor at quarterback. This should have been an easy double digit scoring night for the Dolphins Defense. This goes to show you how unpredictable Defenses can be. By the way congrats to the Kansas City owners. Kansas City scored 35 points, which is more points than 26 teams TOTALS for the entire season. Time to move on, entering Week 4 we have 2 teams on BYE the Packers and Eagles. The matchups entering Week 4 are looking great. The options are plentiful, so choose wisely.

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys(5%): This matchup is what you are looking for in a fantasy defense. The San Fransisco 49ers are a team that struggles to put up points offensively. Blaine Gabbert has thrown 3 interceptions through 3 weeks, and also has only passed for over 200 yards once. Gabbert has proven he knows how to target the linebacker better than most quarterbacks. Gabbert and turnovers are two things that can’t be separated.

Washington Redskins(6%): Cleveland in week 3 didn’t have a great day offensively. Cleveland only scored 1 offensive touchdown, and it was from Terelle Pryor playing quarterback. The Redskins defense forced 3 turnovers in Week 3 against the New York Giants. In a game where Cleveland could fall behind early and be forced to play catch up,  this could put pressure on Kessler to make plays which will force him into some poor throws.

Detroit Lions(4%): Detroit’s Defense has been lackluster so far this season, but have a great matchup in Week 4. The Chicago Bears may be without Jay Cutler for another week, and starting running back Jeremy Langford is also out for a few weeks. Even with Cutler undercenter for the Bears he is prone to making backbreaking mistakes. Look for Detroit’s defense to put pressure on Cutler, and force him into bad throws.