Cam Newton Car Accident Update

Earlier today, Cam Newton was involved in a two car accident in Charlotte. Photos first surfaced of his truck, which looked like this, and soon after it was revealed that Newton was in fact ok and that he was being brought to the hospital for further testing. Relief was delivered to fans following the story after the Charlotte Observer tweeted a photo of Cam smiling while the emergency response personnel attended to him.

Now a Carolina Panthers spokesperson has announced that Newton has two transverse process fractures in his back, as reported by various members of the media at the scene in Charlotte.

Transverse process fractures have been in the news in the NFL already this year, back in week 8 with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo sat out the following week against Arizona, but it has lingered all season long and recently was brought back up that he’s still dealing with discomforts in his back.  

So, what does this mean for you, fantasy football owner? It’s the playoffs, and if you made it this far with Cam Newton as your quarterback you are a pretty happy owner. Last week, you were rewarded with his best game of the season and although you were hoping for a repeat performance this week against the Buccaneers lowly defense, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be on the table anymore. It hasn’t been reported that he’ll be out for sure yet, but based on simply the way this story has been reported and the player himself, I would not expect Cam to play on Sunday.

Think about what Cam does every Sunday, and compare it to Tony Romo’s style of play. There’s a whole lot more putting your body at risk involved in Newton’s game plan, and with a fracture in his spine I can’t imagine him coming back any sooner than Romo did. Plus, Romo has been playing through the pain of his injury ever since but only with the help of pain killers.

Again, the official word is not out yet, but I would be building a contingency plan if I owned Newton as soon as possible. Waivers process tomorrow in most leagues, and Johnny Manziel will be the hot pickup. But there are good options out there. Eli Manning is coming off of a hot week against a bad Titans defense, and gets another bad Washington Redskins defense to work against. I’d be ok with Eli as my fill in. If Big Ben is available, I’d add him third as he faces the Falcons, who are generous to say the least on defense. Those would be my top three adds at quarterback if they’re available.

More information on this will come out over the next few days, so keep informed by following @FanTeamAdvice on Twitter, as well as my personal account @PF_Flyers14.

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