Buffalo Bills | Top Week 5 Waiver Defense and Special Teams

Week 4 featured quite a few high scoring games. There was 15 teams who scored 21 points or more, and 7 teams who scored 30 or more points. This is a high amount of teams. This proves that just because the top defenses are at the top of the list doesn’t mean their bulletproof.

The Carolina Panthers are known for their great defense, and in week 4 they gave up 48 points to the Atlanta Falcons, and Julio Jones became the 6th player in the history of the NFL to have 300 receiving yards in a game. I bet not many people started the Buffalo Bills defense against the Patriots. The Bills shutout the great Patriots offense. Picking the right defense is about the matchups! Matchups are the thing I look for the most. If you own Denver or Minnesota as your defense then you’re okay because they are elite, but if you  don’t this is the article for you. Do you have a question that you can’t seem to find an answer for? Then head over to our forums! Create a free account, and ask any question you need answered.


Buffalo Bills(43%): The Buffalo Bills shutout the New England Patriots in week 4. Buffalo has done a good job forcing turnovers and playing against the LA Rams, turnovers are almost guaranteed to come. Case Keenum has thrown 3 interceptions in 4 weeks and Todd Gurley has been ineffective averaging a disappointing 2.6 per rush.

Philadelphia Eagles(51%): Detroit’s offense has ineffective in week 4. Philly is coming off a bye week and should be prepared to face the Lions. The lions running attack has been subpar in the runnng department with only 2 rushing touchdowns this season. If the Eagles can stop the run early and force Stafford to pass, turnovers seem to follow Stafford.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5%): The Buccaneers defense isn’t very good. They are 31st in points given up so far this season with 128 points through 4 games. The reason I like Tampa Bay this week is because of Cam Newton possibly being out. If Derek Anderson is starting for Carolina the offense will be far less effective. If Newton does play, I would look to the Pittsburgh Steelers Defense. The Steelers are 55% owned, and play the New York Jets. Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 9 touchdowns in 2 games. That was not a typo. 9 INTERCEPTIONS!


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