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Join our hundreds of subscribers who currently enjoy access to FTA’s baseball spreadsheet.  Each day during the MLB season we will upload lineups, updated stats, and projections.  You can also join our analysts in LIVE chat in the forums (reserved just for subscribers), and they can help set your cash or GPP lineups.  Any questions about our service can be posted in the comments section below, or in the forums.

To register for FTA+: Wait for Drizzle to load. Login.  Click “Get unlimited access”

Video Overview of the spreadsheet

Why choose FTA+ for your daily baseball spreadsheet?

  • Daily updated projections
  • Confirmed batting order changes will update the projections for hitters AND pitchers
  • Live chat with our analysts to help give you the inside edge on Fanduel, Draftkings and Yahoo
  • Our custom spreadsheet includes over 20 tabs of info taking into account L/R splits, advanced sabermetrics, vegas over/under, weather conditions, park factors and more!

If you play DFS MLB on Fanduel, Draftkings or Yahoo, use FTA+ for your daily baseball spreadsheet stats and research; and learn how to build better lineups to help dominate the competition.

There are a number of DFS MLB research sites providing a baseball spreadsheet, but none of them incorporate up to the minute lineup changes like FTA+.  By accessing our live chat, you can hear from the analysts as news breaks, and not have to worry about having the latest news and updates.

Here are a few screenshots for potential subscribers.

Hitters tab | Baseball Spreadsheet

Baseball Spreadsheet

Pitchers tab

Baseball Spreadsheet - Pitchers

As you can see we incorporate a number of advanced stats and metric into our projections including wOBA, ISO, MuwOBA and much more.  If you have any questions feel free to comment.