Baltimore Ravens Lead Waiver Defense/Special Teams Pickup | Week 10

Another week patrolling the DST waiver wire, another team that is fortunate enough to face the Cleveland Browns. This weeks lucky winner is the Baltimore Ravens. On Thursday night football the Cleveland Browns travel to Baltimore for their primetime game. Cleveland’s offense has shown what it is, and that doesn’t scare me much at all. Looking back on week 9 there were 6 teams who finished with double digit fantasy points. Out of those teams 4 of them were owned in 40% or less of yahoo leagues. My article last did’t do so hot with the defenses I picked, but week 10 is a new week.

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Baltimore Ravens(50%):Cleveland. I wish that was all I had to say because I don’t think I need to say much more. Cleveland struggled in week 9 against the Cowboys. Cleveland will continue to to struggle with Cody Kessler under center. Baltimore was 1 of 6 defense to score double digits last week. I think a repeat performance is very likely.

Green Bay Packers(50%):  Green Bay’s defense has been great so far this season! They allow the 6th fewest yards while ranking first in rushing defense. If Green Bay can get ahead early and force Tennessee to abandon the run game, then Marcus Mariota will be forced to throw. Mariota has had trouble limiting turnovers with 9 on the season so far.

Jacksonville Jaguars(2%): The Jaguars defense is nothing to write home about, but in a matchup against Brock Osweiler any team can make this list. Osweiler has been uninspiring this season throwing an interception in all but 1 game this season while only throwing 9 touchdowns. If the jags can slow down Lamar Miller and force Osweiler to pass, turnovers will soon follow.

Houston Texans(45%): The argument I made for the Jaguars defense is the same exact argument I will make for Houston. Blake Bortles one of the worst, if not the worst starting quarterbacks in the entire NFL. 2016 is starting to look like a mirage based on how terrible Bortles has looked this season.