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BAL a nice streamer option

BAL looks great in week 2! With week 1 (other than Monday night) over with, it’s time to look forward to week 2. In week one only 5 defenses finished with double digit fantasy points. This means there is a very slim margin for error when it comes to starting a successful defense. You can look at it 1 of 2 ways, either you want a defense to try to score you points, but could end up losing you points.

Waiver wire strategy is key to any fantasy football championship. Philadelphia’s defense isn’t anything to write home about, but they played Cleveland who had a lot of question marks. Philly was a risky play, if RGIII came out and shocked us all and dominated, philly owners could have been in trouble. Or you can look at starting a defense with the hopes of gaining points, but just hope to lose the least amount of points as possible.

Defenses are hard to predict based on a lot of things. The New York Giants defense went out this offseason, and bought new pieces trying to improve the defense. In week 1 Dallas started Dak Prescott a rookie quarterback and Ezekiel Elliott a rookie running back. This is a matchup fantasy owners dream of. The New York Giants defense scored 1 point in week 1. This list will help you make a better choice for the defense you choose to start entering week 2. If you are looking for more individual help with any fantasy questions join our forums! It’s simple and most importantly free. Go to our forums and create an account. Your questions will be answered by our great analysts.

BALBaltimore Ravens(6%): BAL has a great matchup against the Cleveland Browns. Philadelphia’s defense scored 11 points in week 1 against Cleveland. BAL held Buffalo to only 7 points in their week 1 victory. I don’t see Cleveland’s offense being anywhere near Buffalo’s offense.

JaguarslogoJacksonville Jaguars(5%): This pick isn’t based on how good the defense actually is. Jacksonville plays a San Diego team who as a team has battled injuries the last 2 seasons. Star wide receiver Keenan Allen was torching the Kansas City defense before tearing his ACL. This Is a huge blow for the offense. Philip Rivers completed 16 of 20 passes with Allen in the game. In the second half without Allen, Rivers passed for only 92 yards and completed 9 of 16 passes while the offense only scored 6 points in the second half. Allen will be missed in San Diego.

PackerslogoGreen Bay Packers(52%): The Packers defense looked good in there 27-23 win. The Packers run defense shut down T.J. Yeldon and the Jacksonville running attack. If Green Bay can do the same against Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson who also had a disappointing week 1, then Shaun Hill shouldn’t be able to put up the numbers that Blake Bortles did in week 1.

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  1. K J September 12, 2016 at 11:33

    I’ll probably be jumping on that Baltimore DST train as well off this weeks waiver wire. Streaming defenses, so have to stay on the ball there!

  2. Jared Fox September 12, 2016 at 11:28

    I agree with your Baltimore pick especially. They completely shut down a Bills offense that I was excited about in Week 1. Now they get the Browns, sign me up!

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