2013 Fantasy Football Rankings:Top 35 Running Backs

This week I will be revealing my 2013 fantasy football rankings for running back.  If you missed my rankings for quarterback last week here is the link.

Here are my rankings for the 2013 fantasy football season at running back

rankings are based on scoring of one point per ten rushing yards, receiving yards, and six points per touchdown.

Tier 1: Fantasy studs

1: Adrian Peterson (Vikings)-  I have seen some places that have Arian Foster ranked the number one running back overall, but I believe that it is incredibly hard to not rank Adrian Peterson number one.  I believe is it really possible that Peterson will put up similar numbers to last year.  Adrian Peterson is a great pick at number one overall.

2: Arian Foster (Texans)-  In most years the stats that Foster put up last season would warrant him to be ranked as the number one running back, but last year that was not the case.  Foster is a great running back to take at number 2 overall is Adrian Peterson is gone.

These are the two running backs you want with the first two picks in the draft.  Simply, these two are the best running backs in the league and in fantasy football.

Tier 2

3: Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks)-  Lynch simply runs hard and is a great running back to pick 3rd in the likelihood that Peterson and Foster are all ready taken.

4: Doug Martin (Buccaneers)

5: C.J Spiller (Bills)

6: Jamaal Charles (Chiefs)

Tier 3

7: Trent Richardson-  Richardson is out with a shin injury until at least August so this ranking is very subject to change.  If Richardson was completely healthy he has the potential to be a top three running back, but with this injury is impossible to say what to expect this year

8: LeSean McCoy (Eagles)

9: Ray Rice (Ravens)

10: Alfred Morris (Redskins)

11: Matt Forte (Bears)- When Forte is healthy and active he can help a fantasy team in several ways, but the problem has been staying healthy.  If Forte were to play an entire season he would easily be a top eight running back.

12: Maurice Jones Drew (Jaguars)

Tier 4

13: Chris Johnson (Titans)- Johnson has publicly stated that he will have a better season that Adrian Peterson, but all I will say is that I will believe it when I see it.

14: Stevan Ridley (Patriots)

15: DeMarco Murray (Cowboys)

16: Steven Jackson (Falcons)

17: Frank Gore (49ers)

18: Darren McFadden (Raiders)

Tier 5

19: Montee Ball (Broncos):  I really like Ball this year, and think he will be very effective in the Denver offense this season.

20: Reggie Bush (Lions)

21: Darren Sproles (Saints)-  I’ve always liked Sproles because he can help your team in so many way.  I think he will continue to contribute in all facets of the offense in 2013.

22: David Wilson (Giants)

23: Lamar Miller (Dolphins)

24: Eddie Lacey (Packers)- Lacy’s injury and uncertainty of carries could warrant that he be ranked even lower, but as I was looking I could not justify putting anyone in the next tier above him.

Tier 6

25:  Christopher Ivory (Jets)

26: Le’Veon Bell (Steelers)

27: Vick Ballard (Colts)

28:Ryan Mathews (Chargers)

29: Mark Ingram (Saints)

30: BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Bengals)

Tier 7

31:  Jonathan Stewart (Panthers)

32: Rashard Mendenhall (Cardinals)

33: Fred Jackson (Bills)

34: Giovani Bernard (Bengals)

35: Jonathan Franklin (Packers)

Those are my top 35 running backs for the 2013 fantasy football season.  Next week I will release my wide receiver rankings and then will update all my rankings starting in July.

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