The Best Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2016

Funny fantasy football team names 2016

Time to crank out our top 100 team names for 2016! Odell Beckham Jr. AJ Green and Ezekiel Elliott are all popular suggestions for the season ahead.

This article has been updated for 2017! Check out the most recent additions to our 100 of the best fantasy football team names!

List is sorted alphabetically by player name referenced

Fantasy Football Team Names Player referenced
1 Green Eyed A.J. A.J. Green
2 Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood Aaron Rodgers
3 AP’s Daycare Adrian Peterson
4 And Hurns to you, Allen Robinson Allen Hurns / Allen Robinson
5 Alshon of the Dead Alshon Jeffery
6 Make AmeriCarr Great Again Amari Cooper / Derek Carr
7 Abdullah Oblongata Ameer Abdullah
8 Ellington Coat Factory Andre Ellington


What can Brown do for you?

Antonio Brown

11 Foster’s AustrARIAN for beer Arian Foster
12 A Mingo ate my Brady Barkevious Mingo / Tom Brady
13 Ben there raped that Ben Roethlisberger
14 BlakeLivesMatter Blake Bortles
15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles Blake Bortles
16 No such thing as halfway Cooks Brandin Cooks
17 Forgetting Brandon Marshall Brandon Marshall
18 Mr. Anderson C.J. Anderson
19 Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam! Cam Newton


Hyde yo Johnson

Carlos Hyde / David Johnson

21 Hyde and Zeke Carlos Hyde / Ezekiel Elliott
22 Wentz Upon a Time Carson Wentz
23 You Kaepernick the future Colin Kaepernick
23 Dak to the Future Dak Prescott
24 My Johnson is Burfict David Johnson / Vontaze Burfict
25 Duke Nuk’em Deandre Hopkins
26 Delanie Walker, Titans Ranger Delanie Walker
27 DeMarco Rubio Demarco Murray
28 De more de maryius Demaryius Thomas
29 Forte Ounces to Freeman Devonta Freeman / Matt Forte


The Walking Dez

Dez Bryant

31 Dion Lewis and the news Dion Lewis
32 Teach me how to Dougie Doug Martin
33 Breesus, King of the Drews Drew Brees
34 Taste the Dwaynebowe Dwayne Bowe
35 Lacy’s Out Dan! Eddie Lacy / Dan Marino
36 The Play Book of Eli Eli Manning
37 Erect Dicker Eric Decker
38 Lets Get PhyZekiel Ezekiel Elliott
39 Zeke and Destroy Ezekiel Elliott


Zeke Virus

Ezekiel Elliott

41 Multiple Goregasms Frank Gore
42 The Knights who say giovanNI Giovanni Bernard
43 Golden Tate Warriors Golden Tate
44 The Greg Olsen Twins Greg Olsen
45 Dix out for Harambe (or Diggs out) HaHa Clinton Dix / Stephon Diggs
46 1.21 JJWatts J.J. Watt
47 Turn down for Watt J.J. Watt
48 Watt me Whip, Watt me J.J. J.J. Watt
49 Insane Clowney Posse Jadeveon Clowney


Gotta Catch Jamaal

Jamaal Charles

51 Almost Jameis Jameis Winston
52 Jacking Goff Jared Goff
53 Jacking Goff to Gurley pics Jared Goff / Todd Gurley
54 Dirty Landry Jarvis Landry
55 The Vajayajayis Jay Ajayi
56 Jeremy Hillbillies Jeremy Hill
57 Carry on my Langford Son Jeremy Langford
58 Maclin on your Gurley Jeremy Maclin / Todd Gurley
59 InstaJimmyGraham Jimmy Graham


Mind Reeder

Jordan Reed

61 Jordy Wanna Ride Jordy Nelson
62 My wienerdog is a Doctson Josh Doctson
63 Ladies and Edelman Julian Edelman
64 Julio Think you are? Julio Jones
65 Thats Hedley! Lamar Miller Lamar Miller
66 LaQuontum Physics Laquon Treadwell
67 Le’Veon my Wayward Son Le’Veon Bell
68 Le’Veon a prayer Le’Veon Bell
69 Backfields and McCoys LeSean McCoy


Super Mariota Bros.

Marcus Mariota

71 Team is metric. Measured Ingrams Mark Ingram
72 Running Back Lives MATTer Matt Jones
73 InGorious Staffords Matthew Stafford / Frank Gore
74 Melvin and the Chipmunks Melvin Gordon
75 Stairway to Evans Mike Evans
76 Suh-icide Squad Ndamukong Suh
77 Nelson AgHODOR Nelson Agholor
78 Flowers for Agholor Nelson Agholor
79 OBJYN Odell Beckham Jr.


Slob on my Cobb

Randall Cobb

81 Gronk if you love Breesus Rob Gronkowski / Drew Brees
82 ABC, Easy as RG3 Robert Griffin III
83 Every day I’m Russell’n Russell Wilson
84 Russell’n my Jimmies Russell Wilson / Jimmy Graham
85 Tannesaurus Rex Ryan Tannehill
86 Elementary my dear Watkins Sammy Watkins
87 Rage Against the Vereen Shane Vereen
88 Tajae Was A Good Day Tajae Sharpe
89 Troubled Bridgewaters Teddy Bridgewater


They see my Rawlin’

Thomas Rawls

91 Gurley Gone Wild Todd Gurley
92 Don’t Let Brady touch your balls Tom Brady
93 Romophobic Tony Romo
94 The Neverending Torrey Torrey Smith
95 Kelce You Again Travis Kelce
96 Eifert in your general direction Tyler Eifert
97 Pop it and Lockett Tyler Lockett
98 Taylor Park Boys Tyrod Taylor
99 In a Von down by the Rivers Von Miller / Philip Rivers


It Ertz when Eifert

Zach Ertz / Tyler Eifert

 In conclusion fantasy football team names are awesome, and you should submit one of your own below!


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