Week 6 Buy Low Candidates – Which players should you be targeting in trades?

Looking to make some trades in your fantasy football league?  Maybe buy low on a slumping superstar? I’ll highlight a few of my favorite week 6 buy low candidates, as there are a number of players that haven’t been performing well through the early part of the season.  You need to remember that the idea here is to take advantage of your league mates ,not to make a trade at all costs.  If the price isn’t right, just turn around and walk away.  You are targeting them while they are down and desperate to make a deal.  Attempting to trade with the guy in first place probably won’t work, because he feels pretty darn good about his team.  No, you want to make a deal with the teams in the bottom 3rd of the league.  These guys still have a chance to turn their season around, and will sell if the price is right.

Week 6 Buy Low Candidates


A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals

A.J. Green has been slumping recently.  In 4 straight weeks he has failed to surpass 65 yards, while only accounting for a TD once in that stretch.  His owners are likely freaking out, as he was regarded as one of the top 5 WR’s in the NFL to open the season, but has been playing like a WR3 since a terrific week 1 (162 yards/ 2 TDs).  The Bengals have been keeping Andy Dalton in check, and relying on their defense to win games, which has seriously affected Green’s value.  All things to consider when you are making a trade.  Will Green bounce back?  Absolutely, most of the blame falls on his QB, and not the play of the stud WR.

Trent Richardson – Indianapolis Colts

Week 5 went pretty much as expected for T-Rich as he faced the NFL’s best defense.  He carried the rock 18 times for 56 yards and 0 TD’s.  How is this good news for you?  Since joining the Colts, Richardson has rushed 51 times for 151 yards, but in that stretch has faced the 49ers and Seahawks, while learning a new offense.  If there was ever a buy low point, this is it.  Leading up to week 5, I was able to make a deal for T-Rich, sending Jordy Nelson and Charles Clay for Trent Richardson and Coby Fleener.  I am excited to see what Richardson can do handling the workhorse role for the Colts, as their schedule softens up into the second half of the season.  Hopefully you can make a deal as well, because I see a breakout for Richardson in week 6 against the Chargers, and don’t think you will be able to grab the top 10 RB after that.


Darren McFadden – Oakland Raiders

What? McFadden??? KJ are you crazy?  Like a fox maybe.. I see this as the ultimate buy low.  McFadden was playing poorly when healthy (already making him a buy low candidate) and then he went and had the usual midseason hamstring strain.  I’m willing to bet at this point that his owners will take a bum like LeGarrette Blount off your hands, just so they have a healthy RB in their lineup (especially if they are facing bye weeks ahead).  Go ahead, make a low ball offer for McFadden this week, there is no reason to offer anything more than a backup/ low flex play for him, and if run DMC returns healthy for the second half of the season, he may come in handy during your fantasy playoffs.

Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals

I was so happy for Fitz that he finally got a QB to throw him the ball this season, but apparently John Skelton is still chucking the ball down there in the desert, as Fitzgerald managed to haul in just 3 passes for 43 yards in week 5 against the Panthers.  What happened to the guy that caught 8 balls for 80 yards and 2 TD’s in week 1?  Well, a hamstring strain for starters, but he got over that, and now it is simply a matter of poor QB play.  Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) Carson Palmer will start to realize that he needs to make Fitzgerald his go to target, and we should start seeing more consistency out of the Cardinal offense.  Fitz has yet to record a 100 yard game this season, making him the ideal buy low candidate.

If you have any players to add to this list that you are considering, feel free to add them in the comments section below.  If I agree, I will throw their name into the list.

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