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Week 13 Quarterback Rankings, Matchups, and weather outlook

This is it folks… crunch time!  Week 13 is upon us, and I have been slaving away crunching the numbers on the week 13 quarterback rankings for the holiday weekend ahead.  I realize how important this week is for a large number of our readers, so feel free to post any questions you may have under this article.

NEW this week – Last 3 weeks of data for each QB, including a 3 week average so you can see which way they are trending, and the projected weather forecast for the week ahead.  If there is nothing listed under weather, then there is no scheduled inclement weather/ freezing cold.  As we saw in week 12, weather can have a HUGE impact on a QB’s performance (right Peyton?)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and don’t forget to set your lineups before the early games on Thursday!!

Week 13 Quarterback Rankings and Matchups

# Player Team AVG PPG Opp Last 3 – AVG Week 12 Week 11 Week 10 Weather
1 Matthew Stafford DET 20.47 GB 19.34 16.48 22.88 18.66 DOME
2 Cam Newton CAR 19.09 TB 17.63 20.06 26.56 6.26
3 Drew Brees NO 22.76 @SEA 21.43 18.52 14.10 31.68
4 Peyton Manning DEN 24.56 @KC 18.01 12.00 14.92 27.10 43 – Rain
5 Tony Romo DAL 18.12 OAK 12.61 16.10 BYE 9.12
6 Tom Brady NE 15.26 @HOU 18.95 23.76 14.14 BYE 67 – Rain
7 Ryan Fitzpatrick TEN 16.31 @IND 20.91 23.40 15.48 23.86 DOME
8 Russell Wilson SEA 17.76 NO 20.04 BYE 18.60 21.48
9 Josh McCown CHI 14.77 @MIN 12.50 18.48 12.54 6.48 DOME
10 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 16.05 @BAL 19.47 16.38 31.88 10.16
11 Carson Palmer ARI 13.32 @PHI 19.49 20.56 24.46 13.44
12 Philip Rivers SD 19.30 CIN 18.57 27.78 14.52 13.42
13 Nick Foles PHI 21.27 ARI 22.77 BYE 22.62 22.92
14 Matt Ryan ATL 16.04 @BUF 13.07 12.68 14.16 12.38 37 – Rain
15 Robert Griffin III WAS 18.48 NYG 18.63 5.28 22.96 27.64
16 Alex Smith KC 16.43 DEN 21.93 21.46 22.40 BYE 43 – Rain
17 Colin Kaepernick SF 15.36 STL 13.41 23.40 13.58 3.24
18 Andrew Luck IND 18.54 TEN 15.27 13.62 18.38 13.82 DOME
19 Andy Dalton CIN 16.05 @SD 13.44 BYE 11.72 15.16
20 E.J. Manuel BUF 11.39 ATL 14.30 BYE 18.70 9.90 37 – Rain
21 Matt McGloin OAK 18.03 @DAL 16.29 13.00 19.58 DNP
22 Eli Manning NYG 12.02 @WSH 11.91 14.96 13.46 7.30
23 Mike Glennon TB 14.30 @CAR 13.69 16.18 17.64 7.26
24 Ryan Tannehill MIA 14.32 @NYJ 16.06 18.00 14.82 15.36 43 – Rain
25 Christian Ponder MIN 13.18 CHI 10.08 12.82 3.16 14.26 DOME
26 Kellen Clemens STL 8.53 @SF 14.23 12.38 BYE 16.08
27 Case Keenum HOU 15.11 NE 11.03 4.96 8.80 19.34 67 – Rain
28 Matt Flynn GB 7.79 @DET 15.12 15.12 DNP DNP DOME
29 Joe Flacco BAL 13.13 PIT 9.80 12.92 8.48 8.00
30 Brandon Weeden CLE 9.76 JAC 10.56 10.56 DNP DNP
31 Chad Henne JAC 8.51 @CLE 7.72 9.86 10.20 3.10
32 Geno Smith NYJ 10.20 MIA -1.45 0.98 -3.88 BYE 43 – Rain


 Sneaky play of the week

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Titans

Fitzpatrick has been quietly putting together a string of solid games, posting an average of 20.91 fantasy points over his last 3 performances.  Week 13 will see him in a nice comfy dome, against a Colts defense that has been ravaged by the likes of Carson Palmer recently.  If you are looking for a solid waiver wire QB this week, Fitzpatrick should be your guy.

Where’s the love?

Nick Foles – Eagles

Don’t get me wrong on Foles, he is my guy heading into the fantasy playoffs, but the Arizona D has been playing some ferocious football lately, and I wouldn’t want to start the rookie in that setting if I could possibly avoid it.  Weeks 14 and beyond should see much smoother sailing for Foles as his fantasy playoff schedule is one of the best in the NFL.

Russell Wilson – Seahawks

Gone are the days of looking at a Saints matchup and licking your chops.  The Saints are actually a top ten passing defense this season, so I expect a heavy dose of Marshawn Lynch… making Wilson more of a low end QB1 this week.

Robert Griffin III – Redskins

This guy… oh the headaches he causes.  Puts together 2 solid performances in weeks 10 and 11, fantasy owners start him needing a win to get in.. and he lays an egg.  If you had read my week 12 rankings article, you would know I wasn’t high on Griffin, and for good reason apparently.  This week he draws a great matchup with the Giants, but as we have seen, Griffin has a  tendency to get rattled this season, making him one of the bigger boom/bust plays of the week

Case Keenum – Texans

I’m done with Kubiak.  Keenum.  Tate.  Andre.  All of ‘em.  Don’t start Case unless you really have to.. this team is a mess

Matt Flynn/ Aaron Rodgers – Packers

If Aaron Rodgers makes  a surprise appearance, you almost have to throw him right back in the top 5 based on the tough matchups this week.  If there is no Rodgers as expected, we should see Matt Flynn on Thursday playing the role of game manager and taking what the defense gives him.


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  • Landon

    Am I crazy to start Alex Smith over Drew Brees this week? Of course I’ve never benched Brees yet, but he’s at Seattle while Smith plays a weak pass defense at home. I think the Chiefs are also gonna bounce back strong from 2 straight losses.

    • __KJ__

      Just saw a crazy stat over at reddit where Brees has averaged 304 yards passing per game on MNF the last 5 years… I think he gets the job done regardless of D, and the Seahawks will have a couple new faces on that side of the ball this week

  • Max Saltzman

    I just dropped Ridley for Rodgers, Coby Fleener for Trent Richardson and Cecil Shorts for Chiefs D/ST.

    Here is my lineup:

    Do I have too many QB’s? Should I have dropped Ben Tate or Richardson instead of Ridley? Please help!

    • __KJ__

      Answered on reddit :)

  • Kevin Edwards

    Need some advice for week 13…..Tom Brady or Alex Smith??

    • __KJ__

      I’m giving the nod to Brady, who appears to have his mojo back (and it is named Rob Gronkowski/ Shane Vereen)