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    Updated 2 start pitchers – week 8 (May 20th – May 26th 2013)


    Because of the large number of rotation changes/ injuries it took me a few extra hours to put together the finalized 2 start pitchers for week 8.  We welcome back a number of big arms, and get an extended look at a few callups this week, which I will discuss at the bottom of the article.

    Updated 2 start pitchers – Week 8 (May 20th – May 26th)

    TeamTwo Start PitcherStart 1OPP #1Start 2OPP #2
     TIER 1    
    LADClayton Kershaw (4-2, 1.39, 67 K/ 64.1 IP)5/20 @ MILGallardo5/26 vs STLMiller
    DETMax Scherzer (5-0, 3.97, 68 K/ 54.3 IP)5/21 @ CLEKluber5/26 vs MINPelfrey
    BOSJon Lester (6-0, 2.71, 50 K/ 59.2 IP)5/20 @ CHWAxelrod5/25 vs CLEKazmir
    STLShelby Miller (5-2, 1.40, 57 K/ 51.1 IP)5/20 @ SDMarquis5/26 @ LADKershaw
    SEAHisashi Iwakuma (5-1, 1.84, 55 K/ 58.2 IP)5/20 @ CLEKazmir5/26 vs TEXLindblom
    CINJohnny Cueto (1-0, 2.59, 18 K/ 17.1 IP)5/20 @ NYMMarcum5/26 vs CHCVillanueva
     TIER 2    
    ARIPatrick Corbin (6-0, 1.51, 41 K/ 53.1 IP)5/20 @ COLGarland5/26 vs SDMarquis
    KCJeremy Guthrie (5-1, 2.81, 30 K/ 54.3 IP)5/20 @ HOUHarrell5/25 vs LAAHanson
    PHICole Hamels (1-6, 4.60, 47 K/ 56.2 IP)5/20 @ MIASanabia5/26 @ WASDuke
    CHCMatt Garza (First start of season)5/21 @ PITRodriguez5/26 @ CINCueto
     TIER 3    
    MILYovani Gallardo (3-3, 4.50, 36 K/ 52 IP)5/20 vs LADKershaw5/26 vs PITRodriguez
    NYYPhil Hughes (2-3, 5.87, 37 K/ 41.1 IP)5/20 @ BALGarcia5/26 @ TBTBD
    CLEScott Kazmir (2-2, 5.32, 28 K/ 25.1 IP)5/20 vs SEAIwakuma5/25 @ BOSLester
    PITWandy Rodriguez (4-2, 3.24, 32 K/ 44.1 IP)5/21 vs CHCVillanueva5/26 @ MILGallardo
    OAKBartolo Colon (3-2, 4.56, 27 K/ 47.1 IP)5/20 @ TEXLindblom5/26 @ HOUKeuchel
    SFRyan Vogelsong (1-4, 8.05, 38 K/ 41.1 IP)5/20 vs WASDuke5/26 vs COLGarland
     TIER 4    
    TEXJosh Lindblom (First start of season)5/20 vs OAKColon5/26 @ SEAIwakuma
    TAMJake Odorizzi (0-0, 9.00, 6 K/ 5 IP)5/20 @ TORJenkins5/26 vs NYYHughes
    ATLJulio Teheran (2-1, 4.57, 26 K/ 41.1 IP)5/20 vs MINCorreia5/26 @ NYMMarcum
    MINKevin Correia (4-3, 3.35, 22 K/ 53.2 IP)5/20 @ ATLTeheran5/25 @ DETFister
    LAAJerome Williams (2-1, 3.05, 23 K/ 38.1 IP)5/21 vs SEAHarang5/26 @ KCDavis
    TORChad Jenkins (1-0, 3.60, 2 K/ 5 IP)5/20 vs TBOdorizzi5/25 vs BALGarcia
    TORRamon Ortiz (1-1, 2.34, 4 K/ 15.1 IP)5/21 vs TBCobb5/26 vs BALGonzalez
    SDJason Marquis (5-2, 3.49, 29 K/ 49 IP)5/20 vs STLMiller5/26 @ ARICorbin
    KCWade Davis (3-3, 5.97, 30 K/ 40.2 IP)5/21 @ HOUKeuchel5/26 vs LAAHanson
    BALMiguel Gonzalez (2-2, 4.58, 22 K/ 35.1 IP)5/21 vs NYYNuno5/26 @ TOROrtiz
    BOSFelix Doubront (3-1, 6.02, 42 K/ 37.1 IP)5/21 @ CHWQuintana5/26 vs CLEKluber
    NYMShaun Marcum (0-4, 6.75, 13 K/ 21.1 IP)5/20 vs CINCueto5/26 vs ATLTeheran
     TIER 5    
    HOUDallas Keuchel (0-1, 4.82, 16 K/ 28 IP)5/20 vs KCGuthrie5/26 vs OAKColon
    COLJon Garland (3-4, 4.89, 26 K/ 46 IP)5/20 vs ARICorbin5/26 @ SFVogelsong
    CHWDylan Axelrod (1-3, 4.27, 26 K/ 46.1 IP)5/20 vs BOSLester5/26 vs MIASanabia
    MINMike Pelfrey (3-4, 6.57, 18 K/ 38.1 IP)5/21 @ ATLHudson5/26 @ DETScherzer
    BALFreddy Garcia (0-2, 5.51, 6 K/ 16.1 IP)5/20 vs NYYHughes5/25 @ TORMorrow
    CLECorey Kluber (3-2, 5.40, 25 K/ 28.1 IP)5/21 vs DETScherzer5/26 @ BOSDoubront
    MIAAlex Sanabia (2-6, 5.00, 25 K/ 45 IP)5/20 vs PHIHamels5/26 @ CHWAxelrod
    WASZach Duke (Not guaranteed to have two starts)5/20 @ SFVogelsong5/26 vs PHIHamels

    The Cole Hamels question

    I know everyone will be wondering about my ranking of Hamels in the second tier, but the fact remains that he is basically a must start in all formats.  The strikeouts are still there, and while the Phillies can’t be counted on to produce enough runs to get him the win, Hamels still has ace ability, and it is too early to give up on him at this point in the season.

    Welcome Back!

    Both Johnny Cueto and Matt Garza return for week 8, and both are slated to have two starts in the week ahead.  While they clearly have a bit of injury risk, both pitchers should be active in mixed league play for the week ahead.

    Sleeper streamers…

    You will notice a large number of pitchers in tiers 4/5, but there are a few names in the mix that may be available off waivers for you to consider streaming this week.

    Jake Odorizzi – Tampa Bay Rays

    Odorizzi is a strikeout machine, and while he has yet to prove himself at the big league level, owners in desperate need of strikeouts should make Jake one of their top waiver wire adds this week, but continue to view him as a streamer option at this point.

    Josh Lindblom – Texas Rangers

    With Alexi Ogando going down to injury, Lindblom is slated to have two starts in week 8.  Another high strikeout pitcher, his matchups aren’t quite as good having to face the A’s at the launching pad we know as the Ballpark at Arlington, and then against the Mariners and one of the better pitchers in the AL this season in Hisashi Iwakuma.  Another guy to consider streaming simply for strikeouts, Lindblom will likely find it hard to maintain an ERA under 4 at the big league level.

    Max Scherzer warming up his arm during pre-gam...

    Max Scherzer warming up his arm during pre-game, Tigers at Royals, June 4, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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