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    Two start pitchers – waiver wire pickups and streamers for the week ahead (week 6) – Fantasy baseball 2013


    This article has been updated.  For the updated list of 2 start pitchers in week 6, please click here



    As we have seen in weeks past, the weather has been messing with the projected two start pitchers, and for week 6 it should be no different.  With cold, rainy, and snowy weather expected to hit the midwest in week 5 it seems extremely likely that these projections could change before week 6 of fantasy baseball 2013 gets underway.

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    You will notice I have included the stats for each pitcher heading towards week 6.  These stats were current as of April 30th, 2013, and we are far enough along in the season that they can affect the tier the pitcher is placed in.  Let me know if you find the additional stats helpful.  If I get no positive feedback on the addition I will be sure to remove it in the weeks ahead.

    Two start pitchers – week 6 – May 6th through May 13th

    TeamTwo Start PitcherStart 1OPP #1Start 2OPP #2
    TIER 1
    SFMadison Bumgarner (3-0, 1.87, 34 K/ 33.2 IP)5/6 vs PHILee5/11 vs ATLMaholm
    BOSClay Buchholz (5-0, 1.19, 39 K/ 37.2 IP)5/6 vs MINWorley5/11 vs TORBuehrle
    PHICliff Lee (2-1, 3.02, 30 K/ 35.2 IP)5/6 @ SFBumgarner5/11 @ ARICahill
    TIER 2
    NYYHiroki Kuroda (3-1, 2.79, 22 K/ 29 IP)5/7 @ COLDe La Rosa5/12 @ KCMendoza
    SFTim Lincecum (2-1, 3.64, 32 K/ 29.2 IP)5/7 vs PHIKendrick5/12 vs ATLMedlen
    LAAC.J. Wilson (2-0, 4.29, 27 K/ 29.1 IP)5/7 @ HOUBedard5/12 @ CHWAxelrod
    BOSRyan Dempster (1-2, 3.30, 43 K/ 30 IP)5/7 vs MINDiamond5/12 vs TORJohnson
    ATLPaul Maholm (3-2, 3.30, 28 K/ 30 IP)5/6 @ CINArroyo5/11 @ SFBumgarner
    ARITrevor Cahill (1-3, 3.00, 27 K/ 30 IP)5/6 @ LADRyu5/11 vs PHILee
    OAKTommy Milone (3-2, 3.37, 26 K/ 32 IP)5/7 @ CLETBD5/12 @ SEAIwakuma
    TIER 3
    PHIKyle Kendrick (2-1, 2.40, 24 K/ 33.2 IP)5/7 @ SFLincecum5/12 @ ARIMcCarthy
    ATLKris Medlen (1-3, 3.26, 18 K/ 30.1 IP)5/7 @ CINBailey5/12 @ SFLincecum
    TBJeremy Hellickson (1-2, 4.30, 26 K/ 31.1 IP)5/6 vs TORBuehrle5/11 vs SDVolquez
    COLJorge De La Rosa (2-2, 2.85, 18 K/ 28.1 IP)5/7 vs NYYKuroda5/12 @ STLGarcia
    BALWei-Yin Chen (2-2, 2.53, 16 K/ 32 IP)5/7 vs KCMendoza5/12 @ MINDiamond
    SDAndrew Cashner (1-1, 3.25, 19 K/ 19.1 IP)5/6 vs MIALeBlanc5/12 @ TBHernandez
    CINBronson Arroyo (2-2, 4.23, 18 K/ 34 IP)5/6 vs ATLMaholm5/12 vs MILEstrada
    TORJosh Johnson (0-1, 6.86, 19 K/ 19.7 IP)5/7 @ TBHernandez5/12 @ BOSDempster
    TEXNick Tepesch (2-1, 2.53, 14 K/ 21.1 IP)5/6 @ CHCFeldman5/12 @ HOUBedard
    PITJames McDonald (2-2, 4.37, 22 K/ 24.2 IP)5/7 vs SEAMaurer5/12 @ NYMHefner
    CLEZach McAllister (1-3, 3.52, 20 K/ 23 IP)5/6 vs OAKParker5/11 @ DETScherzer
    TIER 4
    TBRoberto Hernandez (1-4, 5.28, 30 K/ 30.2 IP)5/7 vs TORJohnson5/12 vs SDCashner
    ARIBrandon McCarthy (0-3, 7.48, 18 K/ 27.2 IP)5/7 @ LADBeckett5/12 vs PHIKendrick
    TORMark Buehrle (1-1, 6.35, 19 K/ 28.1 IP)5/6 @ TBHellickson5/10 @ BOSBuchholz
    OAKJarrod Parker (0-4, 8.10, 14 K/ 23.1 IP)5/6 @ CLEMcAllister5/10 @ SEAHernandez
    MINScott Diamond (1-2, 4.32, 10 K/ 16.2 IP)5/7 @ BOSDempster5/12 vs BALChen
    NYMJeremy Hefner (0-2, 5.14, 12 K/ 21 IP)5/7 vs CHWSale5/12 vs PITRodriguez
    TIER 5
    KCLuis Mendoza (0-1, 5.14, 11 K/ 14 IP)5/7 @ BALChen5/12 vs NYYKuroda
    HOUErik Bedard (0-2, 7.97, 19 K/ 14.2 IP)5/7 vs LAAWilson5/12 vs TEXTepesch
    MIAWade LeBlanc (0-4, 6.20, 18 K/ 24.2 IP)5/6 @ SDCashner5/12 @ LADLilly
    MINVance Worley (0-3, 6.37, 16 K/ 24 IP)5/6 @ BOSBuchholz5/11 vs BALBritton
    CHCScott Feldman (1-3, 3.91, 12 K/ 20.2 IP)5/6 vs TEXTepesch5/12 @ WASGonzalez

    Best streamers for week 6

    Andrew Cashner – San Diego Padres – Cashner has been on our radar for a while now, and while the wins may be hard to come by he is a solid strikeout artist, and should be one of the top pickups off waivers for week 6

    Ryan Dempster – Boston Red Sox – Dempster just can’t get no respect, but those strikeout numbers are elite right now, and he has two fairly solid matchups with Seattle and Toronto.

    Nick Tepesch – Texas Rangers – Tepesch draws two of the easier lineups in Major league baseball in week 6 as he squares off with the Cubs and Astros.  While he might not be worth a long term spot in your fantasy rotation, Nick is certainly worth a look in the upcoming scoring period

    And I’m freeeeeee….. free fallin’!

    Jarrod Parker – Oakland A’s – What the heck happened to Parker?  8+ ERA, 0-4 record for one of the hottest teams in the AL?  Still plenty of season to turn things around, but for now Parker isn’t worth hanging on to in shallow leagues

    Erik Bedard – Houston Astros – Many owners will point to Bedard’s 19 K’s in 14.2 IP and say he deserves to be moved up in the rankings, but pitching for one of the worst teams in baseball means a low probability of a win, and the 7.97 ERA will certainly do more harm than good.  Look elsewhere for the K’s young padawan.

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    Ryan Dempster pitching for the Chicago Cubs. 1...

    Dempster with the Cubbies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    • noah

      yes, love the stats. Not sure WHIP-killer CJ Wilson deserves tier 1.

      • __KJ__

        Have him tier 2, and even that is tenuous at best. Definitely a borderline tier 3 guy if he doesn’t bring that ERA/WHIP down