Streamers and 2 start pitchers for week 14 – fantasy baseball 2013


Andy Pettitte

Andy Pettitte is expected to see two starts in week 14 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article has been updated.  Please click here for the confirmed 2 start pitchers of week 14

If you are looking to get a jump on the other owner’s in your league by grabbing the best streamer options with 2 starts, this article should give you a good idea of who to target.

It is well known that CBSSports offers one of the best two start pitcher articles on the web, but as usual there are a couple of anomalies that I will point out, with a few pitchers not listed and what appears to be incorrect listings of a couple others – that analysis will be included at the bottom of the article

I have completed my research by using 3 of the top baseball sites on the web (MLB/CBS/Yahoo) and if there are any questions or comments, please feel free to leave those in the forums so the community (and myself) can respond.

For the 5 tiers, I went ahead and roughly grouped the players, as this is a rough draft/sneak peek of 2 start pitchers.  Be sure to check back on Saturday as I release my confirmed 2 start pitcher list, and will put more effort into correctly sorting all the names into the proper tier.

2 start pitchers – week 14

Team Two Start Pitcher Start 1 OPP #1 Start 2 OPP #2
LAD Clayton Kershaw 7/2 @ COL Oswalt 7/7 @ SF Lincecum
WAS Jordan Zimmerman 7/1 vs MIL Gallardo 7/6 vs SD Marquis
WAS Stephen Strasburg 7/2 vs MIL Peralta 7/7 vs SD TBD
CIN Homer Bailey 7/2 vs SF Lincecum 7/7 vs SEA Saunders
ARI Patrick Corbin 7/2 @ NYM Hefner 7/7 vs COL Oswalt
DET Doug Fister 7/2 @ TOR Wang 7/7 @ CLE Kazmir
PIT Jeff Locke 7/2 vs PHI Hamels 7/7 @ CHC Feldman
TB Matt Moore 7/1 @ HOU Bedard 7/6 vs CWS Sale
BOS John Lackey 7/2 vs SD TBD 7/7 @ LAA Hanson
NYY Andy Pettitte 7/1 @ MIN Diamond 7/6 vs BAL Tillman
TOR R.A. Dickey 7/1 vs DET Alvarez 7/6 vs MIN Diamond
PHI Cole Hamels 7/2 @ PIT Locke 7/7 vs ATL Medlen
OAK Tommy Milone 7/2 vs CHC Feldman 7/7 @ KC Mendoza
ATL Kris Medlen 7/2 vs MIA Koehler 7/7 @ PHI Hamels
SF Tim Lincecum 7/2 @ CIN Bailey 7/7 vs LAD Kershaw
MIA Jose Fernandez 7/1 vs SD Marquis 7/6 @ STL Westbrook
CHC Scott Feldman 7/2 @ OAK Milone 7/7 vs PIT Locke
CIN Bronson Arroyo 7/1 vs SF Kickham 7/6 vs SEA Bonderman
MIL Yovani Gallardo 7/1 @ WAS Zimmermann 7/6 vs NYM Marcum
SD Jason Marquis 7/1 @ MIA Fernandez 7/6 @ WAS Zimmermann
CLE Scott Kazmir 7/2 @ KC Mendoza 7/7 vs DET Fister
BAL Jason Hammel 7/2 @ CWS Danks 7/7 @ NYY Hughes
TOR Chien-Ming Wang 7/2 vs DET Fister 7/7 vs MIN Deduno
STL Jake Westbrook 7/2 @ LAA Hanson 7/7 vs MIA Fernandez
ARI Wade Miley 7/1 @ NYM Marcum 7/6 vs COL Nicasio
MIN Scott Diamond 7/1 vs NYY Pettitte 7/6 @ TOR Dickey
TEX Justin Grimm 7/2 vs SEA Saunders 7/7 vs HOU Harrell
LAA Tommy Hanson 7/2 vs STL Westbrook 7/7 vs BOS Lackey
MIL Wily Peralta 7/2 @ WAS Strasburg 7/7 vs NYM Hefner
NYY Phil Hughes 7/2 @ MIN Deduno 7/7 vs BAL Hammel
COL Roy Oswalt 7/2 vs LAD Kershaw 7/7 vs ARI Corbin
DET Jose Alvarez 7/1 @ TOR Dickey 7/6 @ CLE Masterson
HOU Erik Bedard 7/1 vs TB Moore 7/6 @ TEX Darvish
MIN Samuel Deduno 7/2 vs NYY Hughes 7/7 @ TOR Wang
HOU Lucas Harrell 7/2 vs TB Hernandez 7/7 @ TEX Grimm
NYM Shaun Marcum 7/1 vs ARI Miley 7/6 @ MIL Gallardo
NYM Jeremy Hefner 7/2 vs ARI Corbin 7/7 @ MIL Peralta
KC Luis Mendoza 7/2 vs CLE Kazmir 7/7 vs OAK Colon
SEA Joe Saunders 7/2 @ TEX Grimm 7/7 @ CIN Bailey
MIA Tom Koehler 7/2 @ ATL Medlen 7/7 @ STL Westbrook
CWS John Danks 7/2 vs BAL Hammel 7/7 @ TB Hernandez
TB Roberto Hernandez 7/2 @ HOU Harrell 7/7 vs CWS Danks
SF Mike Kickham 7/1 @ CIN Arroyo 7/6 vs LAD Fife
SD TBD 7/2 @ BOS Lackey 7/7 @ WAS Strasburg

News and notes – Best streamers and two start pitchers

CBS Anomalies:

The only 2 start pitcher listed for the Giants is Lincecum, but in a week with 7 games the Giants will run out someone else for the Monday matchup with the Reds.  This week (week 13) it is Mike Kickham getting the call, but he is just as likely to be sent down as he is to make 2 starts in week 14

There is no 2 start pitcher listed for the Padres after Jason Marquis.  Marquis should go Monday, and with 7 games the Padres will have to find an option to potentially throw 2 games (@ BOS, @ WAS)

The Indians aren’t listed as having a two start pitcher in week 14, even though they have 6 games.  Scott Kazmir is currently in line to make those two starts, and is worth a look in deeper formats that need a streamer.

The Cardinals play 5 games in week 13.  Why does this matter?  Well, Jake Westbrook is getting the start on the 25th, and if the Cardinals stick with a 5 man rotation (and don’t skip anyone), then Westbrook should receive the first start in week 14, putting him in line for 2 starts.  This is to the detriment of Lance Lynn who is currently listed as a two start pitcher at CBS.

Tommy Milone and the A’s face the exact same situation as the Cardinals.  With 5 games in week 13, Milone should see the first start in week 14 making him a 2 start pitcher, even though CBS has Bartolo Colon listed.  Either CBS really knows the manager’s mind, or they are way off base on this one…. only time will tell.

If you would like my 2 cents/ advice on your fantasy lineup, post it in the forums, I am always happy to talk fantasy baseball!

Doug Fister

Doug Fister (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. tom

    June 26, 2013 at 12:04

    What about corey kluber for cleveland next week ? double header should move him up to get 2 starts next week.

    • __KJ__

      June 26, 2013 at 13:33

      Many times a team will call up a spot starter for the second game of the DH, if that occurs, the 5 guys will stay in their current rotation, putting Kazmir in line for the 2 starts.

      The Indians have yet to announce the starters for the DH, and if they do move the rotation up a day by plugging in one of their regular starters for the 2nd game, then there is a definite chance that Kluber gets the 2 starts

  2. Keith

    June 27, 2013 at 10:22

    Westbrook is starting Sunday per It seems Lynn is getting 2 starts next week.

    • __KJ__

      June 27, 2013 at 17:38

      Thanks Keith, it will be reflected in my article on Saturday

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