UPDATED – Two start pitchers for week 3 – April 15th through April 21st 2013 fantasy baseball

There are an abundance of 2 start options for week 3, but as you will quickly realize, very few of them are elite.  I was only able to find 3 top tier two start pitchers for the week ahead, and I bumped Medlen/Zimmermann up to get that many!  If you are looking to stream, you should be able to find a number of pitchers in tiers 3 and 4 that will have two starts in the week ahead.

Please remember these are projections only, and are subject to change based on weather, rotations, and a multitude of other factors. Thanks to the number of rainouts in week 2, a number of games have already changed for the week ahead.  Here are the updated two start pitchers for the week ahead.

Two Start Pitchers for week 3 of fantasy baseball 2013

Two Start PitcherStart 1Projected
Opponent #1
Start 2Projected
Opponent #2
Cliff Lee4/15/13 @ CINArroyo4/20/13 vs STLLynn
Kris Medlen4/16/13 vs KCGuthrie4/21/13 @ PITSanchez
Jordan Zimmerman4/15/13 @ MIALeBlanc4/21/13 @ NYMGee
Matt Moore4/16/13 @ BALArrieta4/21/13 vs OAKMilone
Josh Johnson4/16/13 vs CHWQuintana4/21/13 vs NYYNova
Homer Bailey4/16/13 vs PHIKendrick4/21/13 vs MIASanabia
Lance Lynn4/15/13 @ PITMcDonald4/20/13 @ PHILee
Tommy Milone4/15/13 vs HOUBedard4/21/13 @ TBMoore
Ryan Dempster4/15/13 vs TBHernandez4/20/13 vs KCShields
Derek Holland4/16/13 @ CHCFeldman4/21/13 vs SEABeavan
James McDonald4/15/13 vs STLLynn4/20/13 vs ATLMaholm
Brandon McCarthy4/16/13 @ NYYNova4/21/13 @ COLFrancis
Barry Zito4/16/13 @ MILPeralta4/21/13 vs SDStults
Mark Buehrle4/15/13 vs CHWFloyd4/20/13 vs NYYPettitte
Gavin Floyd4/15/13 @ TORBuehrle4/20/13 vs MINCorreia
Bronson Arroyo4/15/13 vs PHILee4/20/13 vs MIALeBlanc
Chad Billingsley4/15/13 vs SDStults4/21/13 @ BALArrieta
Rick Porcello4/16/13 @ SEABeavan4/21/13 @ LAABlanton
Ivan Nova4/16/13 vs ARIMcCarthy4/21/13 @ TORJohnson
Kyle Kendrick4/16/13 @ CINBailey4/21/13 vs STLWestbrook
Jeremy Guthrie4/16/13 @ ATLMedlen4/21/13 @ BOSAceves
Ubaldo Jimenez4/16/13 vs BOSAceves4/21/13 @ HOUBedard
Joe Blanton4/15/13 @ MINPelfrey4/21/13 vs DETPorcello
Wily Peralta4/16/13 vs SFZito4/21/13 vs CHCWood
Erik Bedard4/15/13 @ OAKMilone4/21/13 vs CLEJimenez
Juan Nicasio4/15/13 vs NYMHefner4/20/13 vs ARICahill
Dylan Axelrod4/16/13 @ TORJohnson4/21/13 vs MINPelfrey
Eric Stults4/15/13 @ LADBillingsley4/21/13 @ SFZito
Jake Arrieta4/16/13 vs TBMoore4/21/13 vs LADBillingsley
Alfredo Aceves4/16/13 @ CLEJimenez4/21/13 vs KCGuthrie
Jake Westbrook4/16/13 @ PITSanchez4/21/13 @ PHIKendrick
Mike Pelfrey4/15/13 vs LAABlanton4/21/13 @ CHWAxelrod
Jeff Francis4/16/13 vs NYMLaffey4/21/13 vs ARIMcCarthy
Jonathan Sanchez4/16/13 vs STLWestbrook4/21/13 vs ATLMedlen
Blake Beavan4/16/13 vs DETPorcello4/21/13 @ TEXHolland
Roberto Hernandez4/15/13 @ BOSDempster4/20/13 vs OAKParker
Aaron Laffey4/16/13 @ COLFrancis4/21/13 vs WASZimmermann
Jeremy Hefner4/15/13 @ COLNicasio4/20/13 vs WASGonzalez
Wade LeBlanc4/15/13 vs WASZimmermann4/20/13 @ CINArroyo
Travis Wood4/16/13 vs TEXHolland4/21/13 @ MILPeralta
Alex Sanabia4/16/13 vs WASHaren4/21/13 @ CINBailey

Thanks for reading.  Want to know who the best pickup is for your squad?  Post a question in the forums, I will be sure to respond!

cliff lee, philly

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