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    Sneak Peek at the 2013 Kick Return/ Punt Return rankings – fantasy football

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    There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to the return game in the NFL, and those almost always translate over to fantasy football, where some owners are just crazy enough to incorporate return yardage into their fantasy scoring.  If you happen to be one of those nuts, we will be here all season long updating the return rankings on a weekly basis.

    Here is our first sneak peek at the projected return men of 2013 for all 32 NFL teams. In the case of guys like Randall and Percy, there is a chance that their teams decide to have other options return kicks, so they can work on their return game.

    If you have any information to contribute to this article, please post your comments below, AND leave a link to the info.  This must come from a credible source before we will make any changes to our rankings.  The majority of our information comes from team depth charts,, and sbnation blogs.

    2013 Fantasy Football Draft Guide

    Notes about the rankings:

    If you see ???? next to a player’s name, that means their position is up in the air.

    KR/PR column = Is the player returning kickoffs, punts, or both

    Team role = What position the player occupies on the roster, and how far down they are on the depth chart

    2013 Kick Return/ Punt Return Rankings

    RankPlayerTeamKR/PR?Team Role
    1Percy Harvin????SEAKR/PRWR (1)
    2Randall Cobb????GBKR/PRWR (1/2)
    3Darren SprolesNOPRRB (2)
    4T.Y. HiltonINDPRWR (3)
    5Jacoby JonesBALKR/PRWR (2)
    6Jacquizz RodgersATLKRRB (2)
    7Rueben Randle????NYGKR/PRWR (3)
    8Chris GivensSTLKRWR (3)
    9Leodis McKelvinBUFKR/PRCB (DEF)
    10Marcus ThigpenMIAKR/PRRB (4)
    11Marcus SherelsMINKR/PRCB (DEF)
    12Trindon HollidayDENKR/PRWR (5/6)
    13Josh CribbsOAKKR/PRWR (5/6)
    14Jeremy KerleyNYJPRWR (3)
    15Devin HesterCHIKR/PRST ONLY
    16LaRod Stephens-Howling????PITKR/PRRB (3)
    17Kevin Ogletree????TBKR/PRWR (3/4)
    18Johnson Bademosi????CLEKR/PRFS (DEF)
    19Marc MarianiTENKR/PRWR (8/9)
    20Shaun Draughn????KCKR/PRRB (3)
    21Keshawn MartinHOUKR/PRWR (5/6)
    22Mike Thomas????DETKR/PRWR (4)
    23Niles Paul????WASKR/PRTE (4)
    24Devin McCourtyNEKRFS (DEF)
    25Denard RobinsonJACKRRB (3)
    26LaMichael JamesSFKRRB (3)
    27Brandon BoykinPHIKRCB (DEF)
    28Cassius VaughnINDKRCB (DEF)
    29Ted Ginn Jr.CARKRWR (4)
    30Richard GoodmanSDKRWR (10)
    31Joe McKnightNYJKRRB (4)
    32Brandon TateCINKRWR (5/6)
    33Lance DunbarDALKRRB (4)
    34Travaris CadetNOKRRB (4)
    35William PowellARIKRRB (5)
    36Patrick PetersonARIPRCB (DEF)
    37Adam JonesCINPRCB (DEF)
    38Dominique FranksATLPRCB (DEF)
    39Eddie RoyalSDPRWR (6)
    40Ace SandersJACPRWR (5/6)
    41Dwayne HarrisDALPRWR (3/4)
    42Damaris JohnsonPHIPRWR (7/8)
    43Joe AdamsCARPRWR (8)
    44Austin PettisSTLPRWR (4)
    45Kyle WilliamsSFPRWR (5/6)
    46Leon WashingtonNEPRRB (5)

    Return Men Team by Team Breakdown

    AFC East

    Buffalo Bills

    The Bills figure to stick with Leodis McKelvin who handled return duties in 2012.  As one of the few defensive position players handling both kicks and punts he has added value.

    Miami Dolphins

    Marcus Thigpen is another player expected to return to his role from 2012.  One of the few players who scored a TD both on kickoff and return

    New England Patriots

    Projections suggest the Patriots will split their returns between Devin McCourty on kickoffs and Leon Washington on punts.  This is an important note, as Leon Washington had quite a bit of value in years past as the KR/PR for the Seahawks, but seeing only punts lowers his value significantly.

    New York Jets

    WR Jeremy Kerley has a little bit of additional value in return yardage leagues thanks to his PR duty, but when your QB is named Mark Sanchez you aren’t highly targeted on draft day.

    AFC North

    Baltimore Ravens

    Jacoby Jones was one of the more electric return men in 2012, and with the current state of affairs for the Ravens wide receivers it looks like Jones should be a fixture atop the return yardage rankings this season.

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Lots of question marks in Pittsburgh over the return game.  Current speculation is LSH was brought in from Arizona to handle return duties, but this one likely won’t sort itself out until the preseason games begin.

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Pacman “Adam” Jones is a defensive player of note in the return game (If your league uses IDP), Brandon Tate is strictly a kick returner as he is buried on the depth chart at WR.

    Cleveland Browns

    The Browns lost Joshua Cribbs to the Raiders, and no one has been announced yet as the replacement.  Several notable publications have mentioned Johnson Bademosi (Free Safety) as the potential KR/PR, so he is the guy we have listed, but it is no better than an educated guess.

    AFC South

    Houston Texans

    Keshawn Martin may or may not handle both KR and PR duties this season, but with Trindon Holliday leaving last year for Denver, it looks like Martin should be the guy.

    Indianapolis Colts

    Many readers may wonder why we have T.Y. Hilton ranked higher than Jones, and that will mostly be due to his contributions on the offensive side of the ball.  We have Hilton as a top 25 WR this season, and if he produces as expected, the punt return yardage will be a nice added bonus.

    Tennessee Titans

    Marc Mariani is a dual threat, as in he returns both kickoffs and punts.  Other than that, don’t expect contributions on the offensive side.

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    Much like everything else in Jacksonville, the special teams are a mess.  Speculation has Denard Robinson handling kicks and Ace Sanders from South Carolina handling punts.  Denard is an intriguing pickup in deep leagues, as he could see time in wildcat formations.

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos

    Trindon Holliday is the man here for the Broncos.  While he won’t see much (if any) time on offense, the return yardage is enough to make him a top 12 option in these rankings.

    Oakland Raiders

    The Raiders won the Joshua Cribbs lottery this offseason, and if his concussion issues don’t creep up he should be a solid top 15 return man.  He is unlikely to feature at WR, thus his ranking outside the top 10.

    San Diego Chargers

    Not much to see in the Chargers ranks.  Richard Goodman is a solid kick returner, but currently ranks 10th on the depth chart at WR.  It is not outside the realm of possibility that Goodman is cut before the team gets down to 53 players with the change in management.. stay tuned.

    Kansas City Chiefs

    No announcements out of the Cheifs organization.  Top 2 men competing for return duties appear to be Dexter McCluster and Shaun Draughn, but Knile Davis is also in the running.  When we learn more the ranks will be updated.

    NFC East

    Dallas Cowboys

    The one thing everyone wants to know about the Cowboys revolves around Dez Bryant, and he is currently listed as 2nd in punt return duties.  If Dwayne Harris goes down, that will obviously excite the Bryant owners, but he will be taken on draft day regardless of his involvement in the return game.

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Boykin sees enough action on kicks to be valuable in IDP(Defensive) leagues.  Be sure to note the difference between the IDP players who takes kickoffs and punts.

    Washington Redskins

    This is one of the more interesting rumors on the list, as backup TE (who may be transitioning to fullback) Niles Paul is a speculative return man.  Nothing is decided yet in our nation’s capital, so check back.

    New York Giants

    Rueben Randle is already one of our favorite sleepers, and if he does end up winning return duties over David Wilson (RB) it will only increase his value in ST leagues.

    NFC North

    Chicago Bears

    Devin Hester is hanging onto his job by his fingernails.  He has been effectively eliminated from the new Bears offense, and at 31 years old his declining skills make him one of the most eligible players to be cut.  Don’t jump too early on Hester if you are drafting this summer.

    Green Bay Packers

    Not entirely sure that Randall Cobb will handle the return game, as the Packers look for him to become an elite receiver in the NFL.  The Packers have said someone would have to step up to unseat Cobb, so keep an eye turned towards Green Bay as Cobb is obviously one of the must haves in return yardage leagues this fall if he is returning kicks.

    Minnesota Vikings

    If you want one of the top defensive returners in 2013, you will want to grab either Leodis McKelvin (BUF) or Marcus Sherels (MIN). Sherels should once again handle both kickoffs and punts this year for the Vikes.

    Detroit Lions

    Lots of options and few answers in 2013 for the Lions in the return game.  Mike Thomas is one of the top options, so we have him listed as the de facto return man until more information is available.

    NFC South

    Atlanta Falcons

    Rodgers should obviously see his share of carries/receptions in the Falcons offense behind Steven Jackson.  Thus his high ranking as one of the top return men to own in 2013.

    New Orleans Saints

    Sproles will probably be happy to have his coach back as he had a terrific 2011, followed by an average 2012.  Hopefully he gets back to those 2011 numbers with Payton and co.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Yet another team with no clear return man.  Kevin Ogletree (formerly of the Cowboys) looks like one of the better options, so we have him listed here.

    Carolina Panthers

    Ted Ginn Jr. wants to prove he is more than just a kick returner, but it doesn’t look like he will get the opportunity in Carolina.  Joe Adams may not win the PR job thanks to his fumbling tendencies, and he should be considered a non-factor even for those owners who decided to read this far.

    NFC West

    Arizona Cardinals

    Patrick Peterson is one of the best punt returners in the game, but he should only be targeted in IDP leagues.  William Powell will have a chance to carry the ball this year if the O-line allows as many injuries in 2013 as they did in 2012.

    San Francisco 49ers

    Yes, that is THE LaMichael James listed on kick return duties for the 49ers.  He should see a few carries per game for San Fran, and has an outside chance at cracking the top 15 in return leagues.

    Seattle Seahawks

    With no Leon Washington in town, it looks like Percy Harvin may be called on to fill the same role that he saw with the Vikings.  The Seahawks have yet to announce the return man, but owners should be salivating over the thought that Harvin will be the return man in the great northwest.

    St. Louis Rams

    Chris Givens will see quite a bit of action on the offensive side of the ball, meaning he should be one of the best sleeper picks on draft day this season.

    Randall Cobb 2

    Randall Cobb 2 (Photo credit: elviskennedy)

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