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    Rainout/ postponed MLB games 2013 – List of doubleheaders and make up games




    There is a shortage of information on the web regarding rainouts and postponed games in MLB.  Even when Major League Baseball announces a make-up date for a rainout, it is one game at a time, and there is no resource available for fantasy baseball players to find out when the doubleheaders or make up dates are.

    Well, good news!  I have decided to dedicate this entire page to nothing except doubleheaders and make up dates for rainouts and postponed games in 2013.  I will attempt to follow a relatively easy format here by charting what days the make up games will be played, and then mention whether or not it is a doubleheader.

    Doubleheaders and makeup games

    June 19th – Los Angeles Dodgers at New York Yankees – doubleheader – make up from June 18th

    June 27th – New York Mets at Colorado Rockies – single game – make up from April 17th

    June 28th – Cleveland Indians at Chicago White Sox – doubleheader – make up from April 23rd

    July 8th – Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox – single game – make up from May 28th

    July 23rd – Cincinnati Reds at S.F. Giants – doubleheader – make up from July 4th

    July 26th – New York Mets at Washington Nationals – doubleheader – make up from June 6th

    July 29th – Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox – single game – make up from July 25th

    July 30th – Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs – doubleheader – make up from April 10th

    July 30th – St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates – doubleheader – make up from April 16th

    August 1st – Arizona Diamondbacks at Texas Rangers – make up from May 29th

    August 9th – Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox – doubleheader – make up from April 19th

    August 16th – Kansas City Royals at Detroit Tigers – doubleheader – make up from April 23rd

    August 19th – New York Mets at Minnesota Twins –  single game – make up from April 14th

    August 20th – Toronto Blue Jays at New York Yankees – doubleheader – make up from May 19th

    August 26th – Tampa Bay Rays at Kansas City Royals – single game – make up from May 2nd

    September 9th – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Minnesota Twins – Single Game – Make up from April 17th

    September 14th – Miami Marlins at New York Mets – doubleheader – make up from June 7th

    September 23rd – Blue Jays at Chicago White Sox – single game – make up from June 12th

    Rainout/ Postponed – No Make up date announced

    Community contributions

    For this to be a successful operation, it may require the assistance of the community.  In the event that I don’t have a makeup date listed, and you are aware of the date, please post it in the comments section below the article, along with your source so that we can verify.  A few of the sites that we will accept verification from are Yahoo, ESPN, and

    Also, if a game has been rained out, and you want to know if a makeup date has been announced, please post a comment below.  I will answer after checking all available resources.

    As the list of doubleheaders and makeup games for 2013 continues to grow, I will be sure to update the article to by deleting the games that have already been played, so that the information is kept fresh and relevant..

    In the event that a game is rained out, and no makeup date has been announced, I will simply list the game that was rained out until we get official confirmation of the date of the doubleheader/ makeup game.  If there is a suspended game, more often than not it won’t need to be listed as they will complete the game the following day.  If a suspended game is planned to be completed on a future date, then it will be listed, but that will be rare.

    Thanks for reading, and while you are on the site be sure to register for an account so you can join the fantasy talk in the forums.  We will be discussing fantasy baseball throughout 2013, and whether you agree or disagree the discussions are always engaging

    2006 World Series, Game 4. Rain-out at Busch S...

    2006 World Series, Game 4. Rain-out at Busch Stadium on October 25th, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    • Justin

      The yankees/ Clev. rainouts on April 10 and 11 are being made up as a DH on May 13

      Today NYM @ COL was rained out so keep an eye out for that make up date.

      Thanks for creating this site!

      • __KJ__

        Thanks so much for the info Justin, hard to find make up dates if they aren’t announced the day of

    • Jason

      Mets and Rockies are playing a doubleheader at Coors tomorrow night on April 16th.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Jason, I live about 15 minutes from Coors Field, and will be VERY surprised if they even get 1 game in tomorrow, we are getting a lot of snow tonight

    • OreoFanatic

      Awesome idea thanks for putting all the info in one place

    • Chuck Litterer

      are you sure about that Brewers/Cubs July 20th date?

      • __KJ__

        Thanks for catching that typo Chuck, it is actually July 30th – day/night doubleheader

    • MOBB-1

      time to update after todays rains aye? lolz

    • jan

      Awesome page, very useful!

      • __KJ__

        Glad you like it Jan. I was always frustrated there wasn’t a resource like this online, and have always found it hard to confirm the makeup dates for games. Hopefully this make it easier on some

    • Steve

      Mets vs Rockies will be replay June 27th.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks for the info Steve, confirmed it with and updated the article

    • MarktMan

      This is great. Any new updates?

      • __KJ__

        Been keeping an eye out, Pirates and Cardinals just posted their makeup game for July 30th

    • Michael

      Pirates vs. Cardinals makeup for Apr. 16th rain out will be July 30th as part of a DH beginning at 4:05 EST

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Michael, that must have just posted today, I checked it just last night!

    • robert

      i would like information on the LA Angels Minnesota make up game and the Minnesota Chicago White Sox game.When they were rained out.Also i would like Cleveland and Chicago White Sox as well .And the Kansas City and Detroit as well when they were rained out.

      • __KJ__

        We are still waiting for those makeup games to be posted by MLB, they have yet to be announced

    • Justin

      White Sox/Royals cancelled today (may 3). Make up on monday, may 6

      • __KJ__

        Thanks for the update Justin, I’ve gone ahead and added it to the list

    • robert

      when will the LA Angels and the Minnesota Twins make up there game and Tampa Bay and Kansas City and Kansas City and Detroit make up theres

      • __KJ__

        They still haven’t selected dates for those games. When the makeup dates are announced, they will be posted

    • Grace

      Thanks for the website! This is awesome!
      Question…in fantasty will the postponed game (CWS vs KC) points count for this week (April 29-May 5) or will it count for next week (May 6-May 11)? I keep finding different answers online. Please help.

      • __KJ__

        Unless you play in a very unusual format, the points will count for next week (May 6-May 11). Since it is a new game, it counts when it is played.

    • Justin

      by the way, the Mets @ Col were also rained out on April 15 and made it up as a DH on April 16. You have the April 17 rain out listed already though

      • __KJ__

        Yeah I delete the ones that were already made up to keep the list current.

    • Steve

      Twins vs White Sox, makeup for Apr. 16th rain out, will be August 9th as part of a DH beginning at 2:10 EST.
      Indians vs White Sox, makeup for Apr. 23th rain out, will be June 28th as part of a DH beginning at 5:10 EST.
      Mets vs Braves, makeup for May 4th rain out, will be June 18th as part of a DH beginning at 1:10 EST.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Steve, gonna confirm with, you’re the man!

    • jan

      Todays Tigers Nationals game to replayed on Thursday.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Jan, was adding it to the list as you posted :)

    • Anonymous

      The June 28th Whites Sox Indians is a REAL old fashioned doubleheader (not split day/night) with the first game starting at 4:10pm

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, updated

    • Steve

      Royals vs Tigers, makeup for Apr. 23h rain out, will be August 16th as part of a DH beginning at 1:08 EST. (

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Steve, updated it

    • Gene

      thanks so much for this service. Tho we play mostly for bragging rights, it’s fun to try and stake out a little edge; and how frustrating is it in daily play to sit a front-line player thinking it is an off day, only to find out too late a makeup game is being played. Greatly appreciate….Gene

      • __KJ__

        You got it Gene, I was never able to find makeup game info online, and the community has been a great help in pulling all these dates together

    • Jan

      Any word on today’s Jays vs Yankees game?

      • __KJ__

        No makeup date has been announced

    • __KJ__

      Thanks Matt, added to the list

    • yoyopatricio

      just want to say thanks for making this, appreciate it

      now if I could just find a way to get alerts for my fantasy squad so I don’t start guys in rained out games….

    • Joe O

      The TOR @ NYY game from 5/19 is not listed under either Rescheduled or No Makeup Date Announced sections.

      BTW… Appreciate the effort putting this info together.

      • __KJ__

        Wow, thanks, can’t believe I missed one! Going through the schedule it doesn’t look like a makeup date has been announced, but the most likely timeframe is August 20th-22nd when the Blue Jays head back to New York.

        Will keep an eye on it. Thanks Joe

    • Joe O

      According to the TOR @ NYY game from 5/17 will be made up as part of a DH on 8/20.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Joe, adding it to the list

    • Juan Valdez

      How does the nuber of postponements compare to recent years?

    • Anonymous

      29 postponements this year already compared to a total of 22 all of last year.

    • jon welty

      When is the Rangers-Diamonbacks game being made up??

    • __KJ__

      Thanks Matt, adding it

    • vince23

      Just wanted to say thank you i use this site every day. Great info and very helpful. Please keep up the good work! LETS GO YANKEES!!! EVEN IF THEY R HURT AND DEPLETED.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Vince, glad you enjoy the effort we put in

    • BH
      • __KJ__

        Thanks BH, adding to the list

    • Steve

      D-Backs vs Rangers, makeup for May 29th rain out, will be play August 1st at 7:05 EST.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Steve, added

    • Brandon

      What about the July 4th game between Reds and Giants? Nothing has been made official yet, but I read it could be at a neutral site, part of a double header at SF, or at the end of the season.

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Brandon, I checked it out, and no makeup has been announced yet.

    • Jerrad

      Just curious. Does anybody know how many days on average a year in which at least 1 rainout happens? Baseball season is roughly 180 days, you think a rainout happens roughly 20-25 days out of the baseball season. I don’t mean total rainouts (not two on the same day) but days in which a rainout happens? Just curious if anybody has the info……Thanks!

    • Steve

      What determines whether or not MLB games are made up? The Red Sox have 3 postponed games with the
      royals, Rays and Angels but they do not play the Angels again this year. Does standings have anything to do with it?

      • __KJ__

        Whenever possible MLB attempts to make up a game, and if they don’t play again, they try to make it up when the team is “in the neighborhood”. Sometimes, the game won’t be made up if it the teams are too far out of it, but this is rare.

    • Some guy

      Philles and White Sox July 12 game rained out. MAde up with a Double HEader Saturday July 13.

      BTW…ESPN had a list of it. It was there until a few days ago. Not sure why, but it seems they deleted it. I’m sure they still have it somewhere, but I haven’t found it yet. I have been using that all year. That’s how I found your site actually. I was looking for another place to get it from since that was gone.

      Guess keep checking, or look around ESPN more. I can’t see why they would have stopped doing it. Just happened in the last week.

      • __KJ__

        Wow good to know. I was probably typing in the wrong search term all these years when looking for makeup games.

    • ray

      mlb probable pitchers confirms reds/giants doubleheader on july 23

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Ray

    • Gregory
    • Anonymous

      White Sox and Blue Jays will make up June 12th on Monday September 23rd 7:10 CT