How to play and win the Fantasy Playoff Challenge – 2014

For many of us, the fantasy football season has come to an end, but there is an extended fantasy playoff challenge offered by that is free to join, fun to play, and gives you a long shot at winning some prizes.  You also have the option to create a custom group and play with friends, just like you would when running a standard fantasy league, so it isn’t over yet!

General Rules and gameplay

You can obviously click on the official rules section over at to get an in depth overview of how the game works, so I will simply be paraphrasing.  Each week you will select a lineup of players, with standard fantasy scoring applied.  The only real difference is that if you select a player multiple weeks in a row, you receive a multiplier, so if you are able to select one player all the way up to the super bowl, you will receive a 4x multiplier on their fantasy points, and this is the key to the game.

(Sidenote, if you select players on bye week in week 1, you will still receive a 2x multiplier in week 2, even though they didn’t actually play in week 1)

Strategy for success

You need to approach this game like the gamble it is.  I see many entrants pick players from 4 or more teams in week 1, but that isn’t truly the best approach.  What you want to do is figure out who you see as this year’s Superbowl contender in the NFC and AFC, and select players from those 2 teams alone… even if they have a bye week in the first round.  The 4x multiplier is the goal here, and you want to gamble on the guys who you believe will make it to that final round.

The reason I use the two team approach, is that it is extremely unlikely you will be able to successfully select both the NFC/AFC contenders, but you should have an outside chance at picking one of them correctly, giving you that all important 4x points in the championship week, which should be good enough to beat your friends, and if you manage to pick both teams correctly you should have an excellent chance at the grand prize (assuming you pick the best players of course)

Any other questions?

Feel free to post questions and comments relating to the Playoff Challenge below.  This will be my third year involved and playing in the contest, so I have figured out a few tricks along the way.


  1. Pete Borini

    January 2, 2014 at 10:09

    Am I right in thinking you’re only allowed one lineup, regardless of the number of Groups you’ve joined?
    I’ve joined three groups, and was hoping to set a different lineup for each group.

    • __KJ__

      January 2, 2014 at 14:43

      Yes, just one entry per account as far as I can see. You could probably create another account to play in custom leagues against your friends..

      • Angela

        January 3, 2014 at 14:44

        I set my lineup. Then received an invite to a group with a different email and it automatically gave me the same line up. So I am thinking it’s pretty hard to get a second

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