Late round value picks for 2013 fantasy football based on ADP

It’s draft day, you know who the big names are, you have your draft strategy set, and you execute it to perfection for the first 8 rounds… now comes the part of the draft where many owners falter.  Maybe you have had too many beers, or really, really want the Patriots defense in the 10th round, whatever the reason, many leagues are won in the final rounds, as injuries will occur, and the quality of your backups will matter by mid-season.

Admittedly, many of these picks could be considered a gamble, much like playing roulette over at, but no matter the odds, some times it pays to play, so let’s jump in and look at the best late round value picks for 2013 fantasy football based on the current ADP at the end of July.


QB is deep for 2013 drafts, and that is no secret, and while you may wait til the 6th or 7th round to grab your starter, who should you turn to as your backup?

Josh Freeman – QB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Freeman had another up and down season in 2012, but there were enough flashes of brilliance to give us reason to hope for a solid season from the TB signal caller.  He was electric during a 6 week stretch (weeks 6-11) throwing for 1715 yards (285.5 yards per game) 16 TD’s and just 3 interceptions, but that was followed by a stretch which saw him throw 6 TD’s and 10 INT’s.  With a full season in Greg Schiano’s offense, and now approaching his 5th year in the NFL, Freeman is a guy who can be had cheap on draft day (round 14 or later) that can produce in the top 20 at his position quite easily.

Michael Vick/Nick Foles – QB – Philadelphia Eagles

Weird listing 2 QB’s right?  Well as this article is being written, the battle is ongoing for the starter’s job, but either way I am willing to gamble on the new head coach Chip Kelly.  Anyone who saw the Oregon Ducks play over the last few years knows Kelly’s penchant for offense, and I think a 10th or 11th round gamble on Vick/Foles could be well worth the effort.


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Josh Freeman | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Josh Freeman | Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo credit: Football Schedule)

Running Back

Sad to say there are no secrets at running back this year.  As the most heavily targeted position it was perhaps inevitable that most of the “sleepers” would be picked up by the 8th round.  Let’s look through a few of the late round names and see if there is a diamond in the rough..

Joseph Randle – RB – Dallas Cowboys (Current ADP 12.05 – 51st RB)

If 2012 taught us anything, it was that you can’t trust DeMarco Murray to stay healthy for your squad.  While Lance Dunbar is currently the nominal #2 behind Murray, our money is on the 5th round pick Randle opening the season as the change of pace back.  If you are looking for a speculative RB in the 11th round or later on draft day, it is hard to do much better than Joseph Randle.

Michael Bush – RB – Chicago Bears (Current ADP 12.07 – 52 RB)

Another backup who is simply biding his time, Michael Bush could be counted on in a big way if Forte goes down to injury.  All signs point to a more electric Bears’ offense this season, and if I had to choose between the threeheaded monster in St. Louis (Richardson/Pead/Stacy) I would rather take a chance on Bush who I know can produce when given the opportunity.

English: Michael Bush, a National Football Lea...

Michael Bush formerly of the Raiders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wide Receiver

Every year a wide receiver bursts onto the scene and leads a fantasy football team all the way to the promised land.  In 2011 it was Victor Cruz, in 2012 Randall Cobb, who will it be in 2013?

T.Y. Hilton – WR – Indiandpolis Colts (Current ADP 7.06 – 30th WR)

Hilton is a guy who caught just 50 passes for 861 yards last season, showing explosiveness after the catch and solid ability in the red zone with his 7 TD’s.  Reggie Wayne is a year older, the vastly disappointing Darrius Heyward-Bey is Hilton’s competition for the #2 job, so why aren’t owners paying more attention?  Hilton is one of our bigger breakout projections of the year, as our current draft kit has him as the 19th overall WR, if you have a pick in the early 6th round and are looking for solid value, pick up Hilton who is flying under the radar this preseason.

Aaron Dobson – WR – New England Patriots (Current ADP 11.03 – 48th WR)

If Tom Brady has proven anything over the years, its that he doesn’t care who is catching the ball as long as they have the ability.  Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, David Givens, it didn’t matter who was out there as long as the O-line was solid and Tom Brady had the ball in his hands.  Good news in 2013, the O-line looks just as solid as ever, and there are no big names at WR aside from the oft-injured Danny Amendola.  Once Amendola suffers the inevitable, Brady will be looking to the other receivers, and Dobson appears to be the likely breakout candidate.  Take a chance on Dobson in the 10th this round, you never know what Tom Brady and company have up their sleeve once the season begins.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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