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    The best funny fantasy football team names of 2013




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    One of our most popular fantasy football articles every year highlights the funniest fantasy football team names.  For 2013, we will once again be taking suggestions from our readers, so feel free to post some of your better ideas in the comments section below.  As kickoff for week 1 nears, we should have enough suggestions that everyone will be able to find something to their liking.

    To get the list started, here are some of our favorite funny fantasy football team names for 2013 (With the player referenced in quotations): Be warned, many contain adult themes..

    Best fantasy football team names for 2013

    - Munchen on Bundchen (Tom Brady)

    - InGorious Basterds/ InGorious Staffords (Frank Gore/ Matthew Stafford)

    - Flacc Jacket (Joe Flacco)

    - Spanish Rice (Victor Cruz/ Ray Rice)

    - Every day I’m Russell’n (Russell Wilson)

    - I got Weeden my pocket (Brandon Weeden)

    - Multiple Goregasms (Frank Gore)

    - Russell’s Lynch Mob (Russell Wilson/ Marshawn Lynch)

    - Victor’s Cruzaders (Victor Cruz)

    - 27 Shades of Bey (Darrius Heyward-Bey)

    - A Blackmon stole my radio (Justin Blackmon)

    - Welcome to foster care (Arian Foster)

    - Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam! (Cam Newton)

    - Scam Newton (Cam Newton)

    - Not my Forte (Matt Forte)

    - Fine Me and I’ll Suh (Ndamukong Suh)

    - Charles in Charge (Jamaal Charles)

    - Bowe way out (Dwayne Bowe)

    - Hali of Fame (Tamba Hali)

    - Fostering Hostility in the Arian Brotherhood (Arian Foster)

    - Dickson your rear (Ed Dickson)

    - Morning Woodhead/ Your GF Gives Woodhead (Danny Woodhead)

    - Don’t Spiller my beer (C.J. Spiller)

    - Ray rice-rocket (Ray Rice)

    - Justin Innoncent Blackmon (Justin Blackmon)

    - FeBrees (Drew Brees)

    - I have a few Pryors (Terrelle Pryor)

    - Oakland Raiders of the Lost Ark (Oakland Raiders)

    - Harb Gore Porn (Jim Harbaugh/ Frank Gore)

    - Megatron’s Johnson (Calvin Johnson)

    - The Real Slim Shady… McCoy (LeSean McCoy)

    - The White Welkers (Wes Welker)

    - De More De Maryius (The more the merrier – Demaryius Thomas)

    - Coopers Klux Klan (Riley Cooper)

    - Dark N’ Lean Green Machine (A.J. Green)

    - InstaJimmyGraham (Jimmy Graham)

    - Teach me how to Dougie (Doug Martin)

    Montee Ballistics Report (Montee Ball)

    – Forte Niners (Matt Forte)

    – Percy Whooped (Percy Harvin)

    Aaron Rodgers Neighborhood (Aaron Rodgers)

    – Romophobic (Tony Romo)

    – Maurice Bones Jews (Maurice Jones-Drew)

    – Luck My Balls (Andrew Luck)

    – Its Wayning Men (Reggie Wayne)

    – Bradshaw-Shank Redemption (Ahmad Bradshaw)

    – I’m all Delone (Delone Carter)

    – Brain injuries make me Seau (Junior Seau)

    – What the Chuck (Chuck Pagano)

    - Foster the people (Arian Foster)

    - You Kaepernick the future (Can’t predict the future – Colin Kaepernick)

    - Golden Taint (Golden Tate)

    - Mikel row your boat Leshoure (Mikel LeShoure)

    - EZ Dez It (Dez Bryant)

    - Backfields and McCoys (LeSean McCoy)

    - I have Crabs and VD (Michael Crabtree/ Vernon Davis)

    - Erec Dicker (Eric Decker)

    - I like my pussy Titus & Young (Titus Young)

    - Quit playing with your Peter Son! (Adrian Peterson)

    - I Pitta the fool (Dennis Pitta)

    - Favre dollar foot long (Brett Favre)

    - I’m a Montee, I’m 40 (Montee Ball)

    - Corn on the Schaub (Matt Schaub)

    - Drill ‘er then Spiller (C.J. Spiller)

    - Nnamdi Asstomouth (Nnamdi Asomugha)

    - Aaron Murdermyfriendez (Aaron Hernandez)

    - Breaston Plants (Steve Breaston)

    - Hernandez no longer has a TE (Aaron Hernandez)

    - Reggie Wayne‘s World (Reggie Wayne)

    - Hernan-Does Jail Time (Aaron Hernandez)

    - Carson don’t Palmer ass (Carson Palmer)

    - My Richardson is pitching a Trent (Trent Richardson)

    - Go Luck Yourself (Andrew Luck)

    – Suck My Vick (Michael Vick)

    – ABC, Easy as RG3 (Robert Griffin III)

    – Sippin on a Forte, Smoking a Blount (Matt Forte/ LeGarrette Blount)

    – Let’s get Rasharded (Rashard Mendenhall)

    – I’m gonna make it Wayne (Reggie Wayne)

    – Forgetting Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall)

    – Flaccoroni N’ Cheese (Joe Flacco)

    – Turner over and hit it (Michael Turner)

    – Slob on my Kolb (Kevin Kolb)

    – Suh Girls, One Cup (Ndamukong Suh)

    – I’m gonna Jacquizz all over yo’ face (Jacquizz Rodgers)

    – Desean and Tate +8 (DeSean Jackson/ Golden Tate or Ben Tate)

    – Taste the Dwaynebowe (Dwayne Bowe)

    – Orton hears a Who (Kyle Orton)

    – Plaxidental Discharge (Plaxico Burress)

    – Tebows before Hoes (Tim Tebow)

    – Inglorious Bradfords (Sam Bradford)

    – Suck a Ditka (Mike Ditka)

    – Revis and Butthead (Darrelle Revis)

    – Mendenhally Rasharded (Rashard Mendenhall)

    – Stafford Infection (Matthew Stafford)



    Click here to check out our fantasy football themes page.  We currently have an entire list of Game Of Thrones fantasy football team names available, and are looking for suggestions for Breaking Bad names.

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    • Chris B


      Do you ever make a list of best FF themes? For instance, I run two leagues and one of them this year has the theme of Game of Thrones. I googled it (afterwards) to find out it’s the most popular theme (this year) not to mention there are some clever team names (ideas) out there. I’ve done super heros, breakfast cereal, beer, among other themes for my leagues in past years. We actually have a pre-season vote for the best team name (winner gets a case of beer).

      Any themes you know or could think of that would be something I’d want to use for my other league or for the future? ;)

      Just a fun, random thought… I don’t expect you to actually list any! ;) haha


      • __KJ__

        Never even considered it. Love the idea though. Now that I think about it, we could probably put something together for this season.

        I’ll write up an article and start accepting suggestions from the communtiy

    • __KJ__

      Thanks Cody, added to the list

    • chris

      “My Richardson is pitching a Trent “

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Chris, added to the list

    • Austin

      Carson don’t palmer ass

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Austin, added to the list

    • Morgano

      Reggie Waynes World

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Morgano. Added to the list

    • Chris

      I came up with one for McCoy in one of my leagues
      It’s, U better keep a leash on McCoy. Lol hope you like it.

    • A

      How bout something for c. J. Spiller?

      • __KJ__

        We’ll look around, give ya an answer when we find something

      • __KJ__

        Found one. Drill ‘er then Spiller

        • Andrew

          Please don’t spiller my beer

          • __KJ__

            Thanks, added.

    • Charles

      Hernan-Does Jail Time

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, Charles. Added to the list

    • Chris

      Montee Ball ” I’m a Montee, I’m 40″

      • __KJ__

        Don’t know why, but I really like this one, lol thanks Chris

    • Ben534211

      I Piita the fool

      • __KJ__

        Awesome Ben, thanks

    • kevin

      what about adrian peterson

      • __KJ__

        Adding – Quit playing with your Peter Son!

    • Ben534211

      No Romo

    • Mike

      Erec Dicker is always classic

      • __KJ__

        Awesome, love it. Thanks Mike

    • Nick Bercik

      I have one for LeSean McCoy: Not, Hatfields & Mccoys but Backfield & McCoy..

      • __KJ__

        Excellent. Added. Thanks Nick

    • Nick

      how about something funny for Colin keapernick?

      • __KJ__

        Best I could find is – You Kaepernick the future (Can’t predict the future)

        • jd

          tattoos and kaepbakcs

    • dan

      EZ-DEZ-IT (easy does it) Dez Bryant

      • __KJ__

        Great thanks Dan, added to the list

    • mattobst

      Arian Foster the People

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Matt, added to the list

    • Chris Clifton

      Colts Players

      Luck My Balls (Andrew Luck)

      Its Wayning Men (Reggie Wayne)

      Bradshaw-Shank Redemption (Ahmad Bradshaw)

      I’m all Delone (Delone Carter)

      What the Chuck (Chuck Pagano)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, added to the list

    • Brett


      • __KJ__

        Thanks, added to the list

    • Brett

      Aaron Rodgers Neighborhood

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, added to the list

    • Brian

      Favre dollar foot long (I know its old but its a classic)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, added to the list

    • Mike

      My team names the last 2 years:

      Percy whooped (Percy Harvin)
      Forte Niners (Matt Forte/49ers)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, added to the list

    • Quinn

      Brain Injuries make me Seau (junior Seau)

      • __KJ__

        Sadly I had to read it about 4 times to finally get it. Thanks Quinn, added to the list

    • Charles

      Here’s a Montee Ball name for you:

      Montee Ball-istics Report

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Charles, added to the list

    • Michael

      Teach Me How To Dougie (Doug Martin)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Michael, added

    • Mike

      SuckOnMyMcNutt’s 2x

    • Nick

      When did the Matthew Stafford one get posted? I thought I was being original lol.

      • __KJ__

        That was one of the originals!

    • Danny Sobreiro


      with a pic of his albino ass in the center of the Instagram logo.

      • __KJ__

        lol come on he has a little bit of a tan…

    • Travis Beyea

      Dark N’ Lean Green Machine (AJ Green)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Travis, added to the list

    • John

      For ‘Game of Thrones’ fans – The White Welkers

      De More DeMaryius (The more the merrier)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks John, I will also be adding the Welkers one to our game of thrones team name article

    • Pat

      The REAL slim Shady………….McCoy

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Pat, added to the list

    • Mike


      • __KJ__

        X rated as all hell, but added to the list :)

    • Brady

      One for Calvin Johnson
      Megatron’s Johnson

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Brady, added

    • ryan wright

      maurice bones jews – maurice jones drew

      • __KJ__

        Wasn’t sure about posting anti-semitic, but then I realized it basically means Maurice is having sex with jews… so yeah, added. Thanks Ryan

    • __KJ__

      Clever. Added. Thanks.

    • Junior

      Any funny ones for raider players?

      • __KJ__

        Nothing great yet, added a few to the top of the list, and I posted the request for more

    • Junior

      Ray rice-rocket

    • Junior


      • __KJ__

        Thanks both added

    • Ben Burke

      Coopers klux klan

      • __KJ__

        So wrong… but added :)

    • Ben Burke

      Morning Woodhead

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Ben, added.

      • Greg Kemp

        Your GF Gives Woodhead

        • __KJ__

          Awesome, thanks Greg

    • Brandon

      Arian Foster :

      Fostering Hostility

      • __KJ__

        Thanks, added.

    • Ty

      30 Rack ‘O’ Matty ICE – Matt Ryan

    • Jd

      Arian Brotherhood

      • __KJ__

        Thanks JD, added it

    • Alex

      London Broyles (Ryan Broyles)

    • alex

      jamall charles in charge

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Alex, added to the list

    • Steven

      Bowe way out (Dewayne Bowe) Charles In Charge (Jamaal Charles) Hali of Fame (Tamba Hali)

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Steven, added

    • Mike

      Justin INNOCENT Blackmon

      • __KJ__

        Thanks Mike, added

    • Jeff

      Munchen on Bundchen(Tom Brady)

      • __KJ__

        Quite possibly my favorite on the list. Thanks Jeff

    • Jim

      Here’s one for Steven Ridley…,’Ridley’s Believe it or Not’

    • Ryan

      A Blackmon stole my radio

      Welcome to foster care

      Not my forte

    • Dan

      I use
      FORSETT in her butt.

    • jd

      27 shades of bey

    • Dustin

      Every day I’m Russell’n
      Russell’s Lynch Mob
      Victor’s Cruzaders

    • Allen

      Can you make a cool one for Cam Newton ? at least like 2 or 3

      • __KJ__

        Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!
        Scam Newton

    • Mo

      Kibbles ‘n Vick

    • Austin Trent

      InGorious Bastards (Frank Gore)
      Trent Runsalloveryou (Trent Richardson)
      Flacc Jacket (Joe Flacco)
      Spanish Rice (Victor Cruz and Ray Rice)

    • Jacki

      How about “Fine me and I’ll Suh”