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Fantasy Football 2014 Tight End Tiers


The tight end position can be one of the most annoying positions in fantasy. Do you grab one early and get that weekly advantage? Then you lose out on that stud RB or WR you were targeting. Do you grab one in one of mid rounds? Lose out on the value picks. Lastly, do you wait and most likely, lose the weekly advantage at Tight End. I hate it, but hey, it’s part of our glorious game and here are the Tight Ends broken down into tiers. Probably didn’t need to tell you that since you clicked on the article that had the title, “Tight End Tiers”…

Basically my strategy going into drafts all depends on value. So with tight ends, getting one of those elite, stud, amazing, whatever you want to call ‘em, is fantastic at the right price. Jimmy Graham late first, early round 2 would be an example. After the first tier, you see a ton of inconsistency. Sure, Vernon Davis is going to be better then say, Martellus Bennett but Davis had 5 games with 6 or fewer fantasy points in standard scoring, Bennett had 7. ADP: Davis = 59, Bennett = 128. Is it really worth that high pick? If he falls a few rounds later. Value. Usually I’m the guy taking the Zach Ertz or Kyle Rudolph. Jimmy Graham never seems to fall, nor does Davis or Cameron or someone like that. So I build up my other positions and just hope for a 60 – 70 yards and sometimes a score. Sure there will be some games where they suck, but week 16, fantasy Super Bowl, Vernon Davis got you a whopping 3 catches for 20 yards.


Without any further rambling, which you probably have already scrolled passed, here are the tight end tiers for the 2014 season!

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Tier 1 – Elite

Jimmy Graham

Rob Gronkowski

Julius Thomas

Thoughts: That one word describes it, elite. These guys will give you a no question advantage over your opponent on a week to week basis. If you like that advantage at tight end, these guys can give you that, so take em where you need to get them. These 3 are really the only guys I feel great starting every week and knowing you’re going to get some sort of production from. Could be the steal of the draft if Gronk stays healthy, that’s a really BIG IF, but IF he does, Rob Gronkowski can easily be the number 1 tight end in fantasy football.

Tier 2 – The Tier 2 guys

Jordan Cameron

Jason Witten

Vernon Davis

Dennis Pitta

Greg Olsen

Thoughts: Great name, eh? The tier 2 tight ends are call the tier 2 guys?! Really though, it sounds just like it is. The guys who are better than the rest, usually, but nowhere near as good as the big 3. They will perform, get you points, but the inconsistency can kill you (Vernon Davis week 16). Don’t have the highest ceiling but their floors are certainly higher. You’re still going to get the 3 for 25 yard games but you get 5 for 70 and some touchdowns, you’re happy. Then they will also have those games where they blow up for 115 and 2 touchdowns. Those games are going to be there too, hopefully it’s the week where you’re playing Jimmy Graham or Julius Thomas.

Tier 3 – Breakouts

Jordan Reed

Kyle Rudolph

Zach Ertz

Martellus Bennett

Ladarius Green

Thoughts: Breakouts, boom or bust, sleepers, whatever you wanna call ‘em. These guys can sometimes make your fantasy team. They can also provide you with a year finished like 40 catches for 500 yards and 3 touchdowns. More often than not, that’s more likely the outcome then finding the next Julius Thomas, but hey, if you’re stacked at running back and wide receiver, and it gets to the round 9 or 10 range, Zach Ertz or Kyle Rudolph have a beast of season, you just gave yourself tremendous potential to rub it everyones face that YOU ARE THE CHAMP BABY!

Tier 4 – Potential starters/bye week fills

Delanie Walker

Charles Clay

Antonio Gates

Thoughts: Now we start to get to the “who cares” categories. We’ve named 13 tight ends already, so in a 10 or 12 team league, these guys are more than likely going to be on waivers. In a 14 team league, I’d be fine Walker or Clay as a starter. These are the quiet, no one cares guys who can still blow up on occasion, and quietly end the year with 600 yards and 5 TD’s. Boring, but fine.

Tier 5 – Swinging for the fences

Coby Fleener

Eric Ebron

Tyler Eifert

Dwayne Allen

Travis Kelce

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Thoughts: Much like our breakouts tier, we have here the guys that have a ton or some pretty decent talent, but in a little worse situation or rookies, as you can most likely see yourself. These guys could be or will be sick, one day. Ebron is going to light up defenses in that Lions offense, but probably will take some time. Essentially this is another boom or bust tier with a lot more likelihood of them being busts or quiet.

Tier 6 – Worthy in 32 man leagues…

Brent Celek

Marcedes Lewis

Andrew Quarless

Garrett Graham

Jace Amaro

Jared Cook

Thoughts: So before this tier, we have 21 tight ends off the board. So unless you’re playing in a league that has more than 20 teams, this is called the who cares tier. Yeah you have some starters in here, and maybe Jared Cook has another massive week 1, but leave someone else to use their waiver claim on them because these guys are just blah and not too much else to say.

Tier 7

Owen Daniels

Ryan Griffin

Garrett Graham

Levine Toilolo

Scott Chandler


So I ran out of things to say in tier 6..

Not draftable. Period. Don’t do it. There are 30 tight ends up there who will do better.

Tier 8

Richard Rodgers

Tim Wright

Jermaine Gresham

John Carlson

Larry Donnell

Brandon Pettigrew

Thoughts: Last tier, is there even a point in putting them in here? Not really, but hey, they’re still NFL players and are way more athletic and could beat you and me both in any sport. Richard Rodgers is kind of intersting playing with the Packers, but they have a big list of Tight Ends in Green Bay and he can be picked up if something was to come out of Green Bay.


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  • billy

    you have to go top 3 or a breakout guy..i love ertz as a potential top 7 guy

  • James Jackson

    nice, I think Clay and Green should be swapped but nice work

    • Ryan Olinyk

      Thanks guys!

      Billy, totally agree with you!