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Dynasty Sleepers for 2014 Fantasy Football: AFC West

Here we are, boys and girls; the final divisional installment of my dynasty sleepers. We are ending with a division that is near and dear to my heart as a Chiefs fan in the AFC West. I’ve been looking forward to this article since we started this journey two months ago. So, sit back and relax and let’s check out the dynasty sleepers in the greatest division for all eternity in all of football in all the land! I’m a bit of a homer. Enough with the boring opening, to the meat and potatoes!

Denver Broncos

Cody Latimer WR
As an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Latimer score touchdowns a time or two while playing at the University of Indiana. So, I’m definitely excited he’s in the NFL for two reasons, no more making Iowa defensive backs look silly, and he’s going to be a stud in fantasy.

Latimer is a big receiver at 6’2” and 215 lbs. What is best about his size is the fact he knows how to use it. He can post up and snag the balls out of the air and away from defenders. This size and post up ability is going to make him an excellent redzone target. What I really like about Latimer is his hands. Watching him play he always snags the ball out of the air quickly and cleanly. Once he has his hands on the ball he immediately pulls it in and protects it. He runs well with the ball, and will make some plays in the open field with decent enough speed. It’s incredibly solid receiver play with his hands. If you give me a big receiver that can box out defenders, pluck a ball out of the air cleanly, and have Peyton Manning throwing to them, that is a receiver I want on my team.

The worst thing about Latimer and his value is the fact he sits behind three incredibly capable veterans in Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, and Emmanuel Sanders. Will he get some playing time this year? Yes. Will he get enough to be a fantasy contributor to your team? No. Barring any injury to the players in front of him, which very well could happen as we all know, I don’t see Latimer getting enough reps to really be of any fantasy value this year. However, this is the long play in dynasty. He will eventually be a low end one or high end two receiver in fantasy. Most likely he will be able to contribute to your team next year. Latimer is a great stash this year for all dynasty formats. He is definitely a player to keep your eye on.

Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce TE
Kelce, Kelce, Kelce! There are two names that you want to know in the Kansas City Offense. One, of course, is Jamaal Charles. Two, is Travis Kelce. I loved Kelce coming out of the University of Cincinnati last year, and was overjoyed when my Chiefs drafted him in the 3rd round.

If you haven’t seen him in preseason yet, you need to look at his highlights. He is quickly becoming what the Chiefs had hoped when they drafted him last year. He is big and fast. Man, oh man, is he fast. We are talking pulling away from defensive backs fast. Not only does he have speed, but he has open field moves that will allow him to get open and break away from tacklers. When he is not pulling away from tackles, he possesses physicality that allows him to mix it up and deliver some blows himself. If he continues to trend the way he has so far in the Chiefs offense, I see big things for Kelce this year. He has all the tools needed to become a top five tight end.

The reason he is a sleeper? He’s currently sitting behind Anthony Fasano on the depth chart. This mainly due to his blocking ability. Fasano is just a better blocker, and that is needed in the offense that has Charles in the backfield. Also, Kelce spent all of last year injured and did not see any game time. He’s not on everyone’s radar, but I assume by the end of preseason he will be. You want to draft Kelce in all dynasty leagues. He is going to be an excellent tight end for many years to come. This isn’t the homer in me talking, this is just factual information. He’s good. Kelce is really good.

San Diego Chargers

Dontrelle Inman WR
Everyone loves a good underdog story, and we have one here with Inman. Coming out of the University of Virginia in 2011, he went undrafted. He spend some time on the Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad, then the following two years with the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League. He posted a 100/1542/11 stat line the two years he was there; also he won the 100th Grey Cup with the team. The team let Inman go in December of 2012 so he could get another crack at the NFL. A crack is exactly what he has had this offseason, and he is making the most of the time. He put up a stat line of 3/107/1 against the Dallas Cowboys this preseason.

I like Inman. I really want to see him succeed in the NFL. He’s a bigger receiver, at 6’3” and 205 lbs., with good speed and hands. What I like most about him is the fire he has for the game. Watching some of his game tape from his days with the Argonauts you can tell he wants it more than anyone else on the field. He plays with a recklessness you’d usually attribute to a running back. He lays out for balls, he makes moves and breaks tackles, he just wants it more than the other guys on the field. Inman posting that stat line against the Cowboys is no fluke, he wants it. He wants to be in the NFL and now that he has the opportunity right in front of him, I don’t see him ever letting go. I’m excited to see more of him this preseason, and I think we will all be pleasantly surprised. Inman could be a boom or bust this year, and is worth a late round flyer in all dynasty leagues. If he continues the way I assume he will, you’re looking at the third receiver on the depth charts by the end of the season.

Oakland Raiders

Greg Little WR
This will be the hardest part of this article, looking for the positives in the Raiders. Ouch, that even stung my fingers a little to type that name. Oakland is always an interesting bunch. This year is no different. They brought in James Jones as the number one receiver this year, and claimed Greg Little off of waivers as well. They have a new quarterback in Matt Schaub, for however long that lasts. Which is when they’ll throw Derek Carr out there to get killed. There’s just a lot more wrong with the Raiders at the moment than there is right. But, they are trying to correct these things and I like the direction they will head.

This is going to be Little’s year, for no other reason than it has to be. If Little doesn’t turn something around, he is not going to be in the league a whole lot longer. He came out of the 2011 draft class being talked about in the same sentence as A.J. Green. He was supposed to be doing what A.J. has been doing the past three years in the league. Little has underwhelmed complete in never having over 710 receiving yards, and never scoring more than 4 touchdowns in a season. He just has not lived up to what he was supposed to be.

He has all the physical tools to be that number one stud receiver. He is 6’2” and 220 lbs. At the combine he finished in the top members of his class in bench reps (27), vertical jump (40.5), and broad jump (129). He also finished with a decent 40 time of 4.53. The tools are all there, he is big, fast enough, strong, and explosive. He just hasn’t put it all together in the transition to the NFL. I think Little is in the equivalent of a baseball slump. I believe this year is the year he realizes his full potential. It’s good he got out of Cleveland, he needed a change in scenery. He’s also going to have a better quarterback throwing to him in Matt Schaub. There will also be a running game in Oakland that will need to be respected as well. All the pieces are there for little to break out this year. He just needs to focus, and do it. Little is a pure lottery ticket flyer. He can be drafted in very deep leagues with deep benches. You may even be able to get him off waivers.

That concludes the final division in my dynasty sleepers. It has been fun spending these past two months with you and exploring the deep fantasy finds on each team. We are not completely over yet, next week I am going to do a recap on all dynasty sleepers. I’ll make additional notes where needed and let you know who is rising and who is falling in the dynasty/fantasy football sleeper circles. The season is coming, my friends! IT’S COMING!

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