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    CBS Fantasy Football 2013 draft results (8th pick)


    What do you do when you can’t sleep and run a fantasy football website?  You complete a fantasy football draft, naturally!  So it was that I found myself entered into a 5:30 AM draft over at with 11 other insomniacs, and we drafted for a CBS flex league (includes the RB/WR slot).  In total this was a 14 round draft, and I had the 8th overall pick to begin.

    Here is a peek at who I ended up with, and of course there will be a few notes, and then we shall conclude with the full draft results.

    QB – Cam Newton (Rd 4 Pick 41)
    RB – Ray Rice (Rd 1 Pick 8) RB – Chris Johnson (Rd 2 Pick 17)
    WR – Randall Cobb (Rd 3 Pick 32) WR – Torrey Smith (Rd 6 Pick 65)
    TE – Owen Daniels (Rd 8 Pick 89)
    RB/WR – Ryan Mathews (Rd 5 Pick 56)
    DST – Houston Texans (Rd 13 Pick 152)
    K – Matt Prater (Rd 14 Pick 161)

    BN – Matthew Stafford (Rd 7 Pick 80)
    BN – BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Rd 9 Pick 104)
    BN – Danny Woodhead (Rd 10 Pick 113)
    BN – Golden Tate (Rd 11 Pick 128)
    BN – Jacquizz Rodgers (Rd 12 Pick 137)

    Obviously, the order will change some, but the vast majority of drafts will see 9 of the first 10 picks being running backs.  I chose Ray Rice with the 8th overall pick, as my choices at that point were between him, McCoy, Morris and T-Rich.  On the way back I was able to snag CJ?K who will hopefully solidify the backfield.  Round 3 it was time to grab a stud WR, and with the injury to Jordy Nelson I felt more comfortable with my pickup of Cobb, and with the other top QB’s off the board, I couldn’t resist grabbing our projected #3 QB this year in Cam Newton (Those 6 point rushing TD’s add up!).  Round 5 I wanted to grab another WR, but there was Ryan Mathews who will be seeing plenty of carries as only Woodhead will be pushing him, so I snatched him up as my flex, and was able to get Torrey Smith on the way back to help round out the RB/WR core.

    I have one simple rule when drafting a running QB, and that is to make sure you back him up with a solid arm.  Now typically this would be an Eli Manning type fantasy QB, but I just couldn’t help myself with Stafford still sitting there and my RB/WR already locked up.  There was no reason to reach for a Greg Olsen/ Owen Daniels at TE, so Matt joined my squad.  Round 8 I added the TE, and from there on out it was all speculative picks.

    I don’t like BGE, but you can’t go wrong taking him as a bench RB, along with 2 solid handcuffs in Woodhead and Rodgers.  I expect Tate to be the leading WR in Seattle this season, so I took a flier on him as well.

    As I’m always saying, grab your DST and K in the final 2 rounds.  Why anyone thinks grabbing the Seahawks in the 7th round will win their fantasy league is beyond me, and I was able to grab the Texans and Matt Prater with my final 2 picks, both of whom should be top 10 quite easily in their respective positions.

    CBS Fantasy Football – 12 team draft results – 8th Pick Overall

    (Included at the bottom are a few of the names that went undrafted)

    Round 1
    1Adrian PetersonMINRB
    2Arian FosterHOURB
    3Doug MartinTBRB
    4Jamaal CharlesKCRB
    5C.J. SpillerBUFRB
    6Marshawn LynchSEARB
    7Calvin JohnsonDETWR
    8Ray RiceBALRB
    9LeSean McCoyPHIRB
    10Alfred MorrisWASRB
    11Trent RichardsonCLERB
    12Matt ForteCHIRB
    ROUND 2
    13Steven JacksonATLRB
    14Stevan RidleyNERB
    15A.J. GreenCINWR
    16Reggie BushDETRB
    17Chris JohnsonTENRB
    18Jimmy GrahamNOTE
    19Drew BreesNOQB
    20Dez BryantDALWR
    21Maurice Jones-DrewJACRB
    22Frank GoreSFRB
    23DeMarco MurrayDALRB
    24Aaron RodgersGBQB
    ROUND 3
    25Brandon MarshallCHIWR
    26Lamar MillerMIARB
    27Julio JonesATLWR
    28Darren McFaddenOAKRB
    29David WilsonNYGRB
    30Demaryius ThomasDENWR
    31Le’Veon BellPITRB
    32Randall CobbGBWR
    33Larry FitzgeraldARIWR
    34Andre JohnsonHOUWR
    35Roddy WhiteATLWR
    36Rob GronkowskiNETE
    ROUND 4
    37Vincent JacksonTBWR
    38Montee BallDENRB
    39Peyton ManningDENQB
    40Victor CruzNYGWR
    41Cam NewtonCARQB
    42Chris IvoryNYJRB
    43Jason WittenDALTE
    44Dwayne BoweKCWR
    45Vernon DavisSFTE
    46Ahmad BradshawINDRB
    47Marques ColstonNOWR
    48Reggie WayneINDWR
    ROUND 5
    49Darren SprolesNORB
    50Wes WelkerDENWR
    51Tony GonzalezATLTE
    52Matt RyanATLQB
    53Rashard MendenhallARIRB
    54Danny AmendolaNEWR
    55Shane VereenNERB
    56Ryan MathewsSDRB
    57Giovani BernardCINRB
    58Eddie LacyGBRB
    59Eric DeckerDENWR
    60Pierre GarconWASWR
    ROUND 6
    61Andre BrownNYGRB
    62Jordy NelsonGBWR
    63Steve SmithCARWR
    64James JonesGBWR
    65Torrey SmithBALWR
    66Cecil ShortsJACWR
    67Hakeem NicksNYGWR
    68Mark IngramNORB
    69Tom BradyNEQB
    71Antonio GatesSDTE
    72Jermichael FinleyGBTE
    ROUND 7
    74Robert Griffin IIIWASQB
    75Daryl RichardsonSTLRB
    76DeSean JacksonPHIWR
    77Tony RomoDALQB
    78Colin KaepernickSFQB
    79Andrew LuckINDQB
    80Matthew StaffordDETQB
    81Antonio BrownPITWR
    82Eli ManningNYGQB
    83Russell WilsonSEAQB
    ROUND 8
    85Andy DaltonCINQB
    86Kyle RudolphMINTE
    87Jared CookSTLTE
    88Carson PalmerARIQB
    89Owen DanielsHOUTE
    90T.Y. HiltonINDWR
    91Ronnie HillmanDENRB
    92Greg OlsenCARTE
    93Steve JohnsonBUFWR
    94Mike WilliamsTBWR
    95Mike WallaceMIAWR
    96Ben TateHOURB
    ROUND 9
    97Kenny BrittTENWR
    98Anquan BoldinSFWR
    99Miles AustinDALWR
    100Greg JenningsMINWR
    101Jonathan StewartCARRB
    102Tavon AustinSTLWR
    104BenJarvus Green-EllisCINRB
    105Pierre ThomasNORB
    106DeAngelo WililamsCARRB
    107Zac StacySTLRB
    108Bernard PierceBALRB
    ROUND 10
    109Bryce BrownPHIRB
    111Martellus BennettCHITE
    112Brandon MyersNYGTE
    113Danny WoodheadSDRB
    114Vick BallardINDRB
    115Josh GordonCLEWR
    116Lance MooreNOWR
    117Fred JacksonBUFRB
    118Ben RoethlisbergerPITQB
    119Alshon JefferyCHIWR
    120Chris GivensSTLWR
    ROUND 11
    121Denarius MooreOAKWR
    122Michael FloydARIWR
    123DeAndre HopkinsHOUWR
    124Johnathan FranklinGBRB
    125Brandon PettigrewDETTE
    126Isaiah PeadSTLRB
    127Fred DavisWASTE
    128Golden TateSEAWR
    129Vincent BrownSDWR
    130Marcedes LewisJACTE
    131Shonn GreeneTENRB
    132Ryan BroylesDETWR
    ROUND 12
    133Mikel LeshoureDETRB
    134Stephen GostkowskiNEK
    135Justin BlackmonJACWR
    136Josh FreemanTBQB
    137Jacquizz RodgersATLRB
    138Jordan CameronCLETE
    139Dustin KellerMIATE
    140Tyler EifertCINTE
    141Emmanuel SandersPITWR
    142Blair WalshMINK
    143Heath MillerPITTE
    144Kendall WrightTENWR
    ROUND 13
    146Rueben RandleNYGWR
    147Joe FlaccoBALQB
    151Rob HouslerARITE
    153Sebastian JanikowskiOAKK
    155Bilal PowellNYJRB
    156James CaseyPHITE
    ROUND 14
    157Phil DawsonSFK
    158Ed DicksonBALTE
    159Matt BryantATLK
    161Matt PraterDENK
    162Justin TuckerBALK
    163Garrett HartleyNOK
    164David AkersDETK
    165Randy BullockHOUK
    166Marcel ReeceOAKRB
    167Kai ForbathWASK
    168Dan BaileyDALK
    Sidney RiceSEAWR
    Ryan WilliamsARIRB
    Michael VickPHIQB
    Jay CutlerCHIQB
    Malcom FloydSDWR
    Sam BradfordSTLQB
    Michael BushCHIRB
    Andre RobertsARIWR
    Brian HartlineMIAWR
    Robert TurbinSEARB
    LaMichael JamesSFRB
    Aaron DobsonNEWR
    Michael TurnerFARB
    Rashad JenningsOAKRB
    Austin CollieSFWR
    Joseph RandleDALRB
    Ryan TannehillMIAQB
    Cordarrelle PattersonMINWR
    Josh BrownNYGK
    Greg LittleCLEWR
    Daniel ThomasMIARB
    Mike TolbertCARRB
    Mike GoodsonNYJRB
    Steven HauschkaSEAK
    Jeremy KerleyNYJWR
    Isaac RedmanPITRB
    Jacoby JonesBALWR
    Santana MossWASWR
    Greg ZuerleinSTLK


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