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    2 Start Pitchers – Week 13 – Fantasy Baseball 2013

    This article has been updated, please click here for the confirmed 2 start pitchers of week 13

    I have decided to add a new twist to my standard 2 start pitcher article, the teams with 5 games section!  MLB has apparently decided that the 5 day work week is a nice approach for their teams, and week 13 will see 9 out of the 30 teams with just five games to be played (meaning 9 teams with no two start pitcher)

    I typically compile these projections from 3 of my favorite sites (CBS, MLB, and Yahoo) but for some reason CBS had a number of glaring errors this week, so this time around I completed most of the research over at

    2 start pitchers – week 13 – fantasy baseball 2013

    Two Start PitcherStart 1OPP #1Start 2OPP #2
    TIER 1
    Cliff Lee (8-2, 2.55, 89 K/ 102.1 IP)6/24 @ SDStults6/29 @ LADCapuano
    Gio Gonzalez (3-3, 3.40, 82 K/ 84.2 IP)6/25 vs ARIDelgado6/30 @ NYMMarcum
    Madison Bumgarner (6-4, 3.30, 89 K/ 90 IP)6/24 @ LADCapuano6/30 @ COLNicasio
    Clayton Kershaw (5-4, 1.84, 104 K/ 107.1 IP)6/25 vs SFGaudin6/30 vs PHIKendrick
    Justin Masterson (8-5, 3.51, 102 K/ 102.1 IP)6/25 @ BALTillman6/30 @ CHWAxelrod
    TIER 2
    Hiroki Kuroda (6-5, 2.78, 60 K/ 87.1 IP)6/25 vs TEXGrimm6/30 @ BALBritton
    C.J. Wilson (5-5, 3.90, 82 K/ 87.2 IP)6/25 @ DETPorcello6/30 @ HOULyles
    TIER 3
    Chris Tillman (7-2, 3.60, 68 K/ 82.1 IP)6/25 vs CLEMasterson6/30 vs NYYKuroda
    Ryan Dempster (4-7, 4.21, 87 K/ 83.1 IP)6/25 vs COLNicasio6/30 vs TORBuehrle
    Ubaldo Jimenez (5-4, 4.78, 67 K/ 67.2 IP)6/24 @ BALBritton6/29 @ CHWSantiago
    Rick Porcello (4-3, 4.37, 59 K/ 70 IP)6/25 vs LAAWilson6/30 @ TBHellickson
    Ervin Santana (5-5, 2.73, 71 K/ 92 IP)6/25 vs ATLMedlen6/30 @ MINCorreia
    Kyle Kendrick (6-4, 3.75, 56 K/ 91 IP)6/25 @ SDMarquis6/30 @ LADKershaw
    Eric Stults (6-5, 3.27, 60 K/ 90.2 IP)6/24 vs PHILee6/30 @ MIAEovaldi
    TIER 4
    Esmil Rogers (2-2, 3.21, 25 K/ 42 IP)6/24 @ TBHellickson6/29 @ BOSAceves
    Mark Buehrle (3-4, 4.65, 58 K/ 87 IP)6/25 @ TBMoore6/30 @ BOSDempster
    Kevin Correia (5-4, 3.96, 42 K/ 81.2 IP)6/25 @ MIAFernandez6/30 vs KCSantana
    Edwin Jackson (3-8, 5.40, 71 K/ 71.2 IP)6/25 @ MILLohse6/30 @ SEABonderman
    Kyle Lohse (2-6, 3.84, 49 K/ 79.2 IP)6/25 vs CHCJackson6/30 @ PITMorton
    TIER 5
    Zach Britton (0-1, 9.00, 2 K/ 6 IP)6/24 vs CLEJimenez6/29 vs NYYHughes
    Jeremy Hellickson (4-3, 5.67, 66 K/ 85.2 IP)6/24 vs TORRogers6/30 vs DETPorcello
    Justin Grimm (5-5, 5.58, 55 K/ 67.2 IP)6/25 @ NYYKuroda6/30 vs CINLatos
    Shaun Marcum (0-8, 5.43, 47 K/ 54.2 IP)6/25 @ CHWSale6/30 vs WASGonzalez
    Randall Delgado (0-0, 9.00, 3 K/ 2 IP)6/25 @ WASGonzalez6/30 @ ATLHudson
    Juan Nicasio (4-2, 4.86, 51 K/ 74 IP)6/25 @ BOSDempster6/30 vs SFBumgarner
    Chris Capuano (1-4, 5.45, 24 K/ 33 IP)6/24 vs SFBumgarner6/29 vs PHILee

    Teams with 5 games in week 13

    (No 2 start pitcher)

    White Sox (6 games, but 1 is a DH)
    Astros (5 Games)
    Mariners (5 Games)
    Athletics (5 Games)
    Braves (5 Games)
    Marlins (5 Games)
    Reds (5 Games)
    Pirates (5 Games)
    Cardinals (5 Games)

    How to determine the 2 start pitchers in advance?

    It is a simple enough process if you want to put in the work, look at how many games a team is playing, and using the standard 5 pitcher rotation you can approximate which day each pitcher is on pace to pitch.  It can certainly be argued that many of these pitchers will be bumped forwards and rotations will be shuffled by managers, which is why you will want to check back on Saturday June 22nd, 2013 for my updated and confirmed two start pitcher article.

    CBS misleading projections (as of Tuesday June 18th, 2013)

    – If the Baltimore Orioles stay with their current alignment, Zach Britton should toe the rubber next Monday, making him a 2 start pitcher (not listed at CBS), and Chris Tillman who is listed should go on Tuesday (1 day later than listed)

    – No starter is listed for the Red Sox in week 13.  They play 6 games in the week ahead, and Ryan Dempster is on track to make 2 starts.

    – No starter is listed for the Mets in week 13.  With their 6 game schedule they obviously should have 2 starts, with Shaun Marcum currently on track to be that guy.

    Trevor Cahill is currently listed as the 2 start pitcher for the Diamondbacks, but if the rotation remains the same, Randall Delgado should be the their only pitcher to take the mound twice in week 13.  It can be argued that Delgado is a temporary stop-gap for Gibson, and that Cahill will take the mound Monday, so we will have to wait and see what Arizona decides to do.

    Chris Sale is listed as a two start pitcher for the White Sox, who only play 5 DAYS in week 13.  They have 6 games, but one of those is a doubleheader. Typically (not always) a team will call up a spot starter for one game of the doubleheader, leaving the rest of the rotation intact.  If the White Sox do call up a spot starter, Sale is likely to only see one start in week 13 thanks to the short 5 game week, if the team decides to run out a regular starter during the doubleheader, then Sale should be a 2 start option.

    Gio Gonzalez

    Gio Gonzalez (Photo credit: Scott Ableman)

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    • mhoffner

      Stults has some good off speed stuff, he went 9 against the Diamondbacks in his last start and they seemed clueless at times. Who knows though against Cliff Lee but a weekend matchup against Miami could help. I can’t take a chance on some of these guys, Kevin Correia?